Fry Tokwa And Make These Delicious Tofu Dishes

Keep fried tofu handy at all times so you can make a fast and easy meal.

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Tokwa or firm tofu is a hearty and cheap ingredient. It's a great substitute for meat and other proteins if you have switched to that type of diet. It's a versatile food to have in your refrigerator but it does have its drawbacks.

For one, tokwa is commonly fried first before being added to dishes. Unless you have the time to fry the tokwa or can add it without frying it, you will need at least 10 to 15 minutes to fry it until golden brown and crispy on the outside, soft and spongy on the inside. 

If you do not have time to fry tokwa, we know a hack you can do if you have an air fryer or even an oven. You just need to dry some tofu and slice this into cubes or squares. Place these in the appliance and "fry" or "roast" the tofu! It should take about 15 minutes depending on the appliance.

Check out how crispy and golden brown this tokwa becomes after "frying" in the air fryer!
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While it may take some time to cook these tokwa, what's about this technique is that it's practically no-hands cooking. There's no need to hover over the stove, just a quick prep, and set the timer.  While the tokwa cooks, you can be cooking the rest of the dish or other tasks if you're cooking these to store. Once it goes off, add it to your dish or store it until ready to use! 


If you love tokwa, do this and keep already fried tofu in your refrigerator or freezer so you can readily add it to dishes. This makes it super easy to make a hearty meal in minutes! Try making a fast and easy dish using these fried tokwa recipes with pre-fried tofu:  

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1 Stir-Fried Tofu Recipe With Oyster Sauce

Stir-fried recipes are naturally fast and easy to cook but it's the ingredients list that makes it time-consuming. By limiting the number of ingredients that you add to your stir fry and using already cooked tofu, you cut your prep and cooking time! Just toss the fast-cooking vegetables and the already cooked tofu in the sauce, and you're ready to eat quicker than the usual time. 

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2 Chili Garlic Tofu Recipe

A flavorful sauce is always a good idea when it comes to tokwa. That's all thanks to tokwa's ability to soak up liquids and sauces into itself! Make a flavorful sauce and add in the fried tofu you have in your ref for a fast and easy meal. 

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3 Tofu With Soy-Ginger Sauce Recipe

Tokwa doesn't need to be cut up into small squares. If you like your tofu prepared as big slices instead of squares, you can certainly do that! Use the tofu slices to mimic meat and toss it into a soy-garlic sauce for a hearty rice topping. 

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4 Green Beans Recipe with Ground Pork and Tofu 

You may not want to use the tofu as a substitute for meat and instead make it part of the dish itself! This dish stars the green beans but it's made extra hearty and appetizing with the addition of a little ground pork and tofu chunks to make it ulam-ready.


5 Stir-Fried Summer Vegetables And Tofu Recipe 

Stir-fries don't need to be the ulam. It can be a delicious vegetable side dish. Make this delicious side dish you can pair with simple fried pork chops or fish as your main meal of the day. 

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6 Ginisang Gulay at Tokwa Recipe 

A ginisa can be super hearty and delicious when it's this loaded! This is the stir-fried vegetable dish that we all love! Young corn, sitaw, carrots, bell peppers, and chunks of fried tokwa combine into a flavorful dish that you can serve as is. You can even stuff this into lumpia wrappers for a lumpiang gulay you'll enjoy with every bite. 


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7 Spicy Kang Kong and Tofu Recipe 

Got the hots for some heat in your dish? This spicy dish is a basic kang kong stir-fried recipe made better with chunks of tokwa and tastier and appetizing with a bit of heat from the siling labuyo. 

There are so many ways to use tokwa in your dishes! If you're a fan of using tokwa, these are the recipes, tips, and tricks you need to know to make it the heart of your favorite meals. 



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