Should You Stop Frying with Olive Oil?

Is frying with olive oil really unhealthy?

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Good-for-you olive oil is a popular choice of cooking oil for the health-conscious, and is widely used for quick sautés, as a finishing oil, or as the main component for vinaigrettes and sauces. When it comes to deep-frying and searing, home cooks tend to stray away from olive oil and stick with higher-smoke point oils like vegetable or canola oils.


One of the biggest myths that float around in the food world is that cooking or frying with olive oil in very high temperatures, past its smoke point specifically, can lead to olive oil releasing unhealthy toxins and losing its nutritional value.


According to taste tests (backed up by science, too!) done over at Serious Eats, olive oil-lovers can go back to carefree cooking! Frying and searing with olive oil poses no serious threats to the average home cook. The biggest difference you will have is in taste and price points, where olive oil’s strong flavors may come to play in your dishes and makes for the less economical choice.


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