These Are The Creamy Gata + Gulay Recipes To Try

Make creamy ginataang gulay recipes like these.

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Simple recipes are some of the most delicious. That's because recipes that require only a few ingredients enhance the flavors of those ingredients. You can taste the pechay in a ginisang pechay recipe just like you can taste the gata in ginataan recipes

If gata or coconut milk or cream is one of those ingredients you love to add to dishes, here are tasty vegetable recipes that go deliciously well with the non-dairy but creamy ingredient: 

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1 Tokwang Adobo sa Gata Recipe 

Tokwa may not your typical gulay but it is the vegetarian alternative to meat. If you ever feel like you want to steer away from meat for your adobo, try this creamy yet super tasty version using tofu. The addition of gata makes it creamy without any dairy. You can even make it spicy with a few pieces of chopped siling labuyo


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2 Laing Recipe 

The classic laing is one of the most delicious side dishes you can make for any fried meat dish. The gabi or taro leaves become tender and meld into the creamy coconut sauce. It's seasoned with bagoong alamang for that classic seafood shrimp flavor that's distinct from salt. You can make it tasty with chunks of pork, shrimp, or smoked fish flakes or tinapa but even without these meaty pieces, it's delicious on its own as is. 

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3 Puso ng Saging Sa Gata Recipe     

It isn't easy to prepare puso ng saging. The heart of the banana plant has a bitter sap that needs to be washed away first before it can be used for cooking. Despite the tedious preparation of this vegetable, it's a tender and delicious ingredient. It is even more delicious when simmered in gata and seasoned with a little bagoong ala laing!

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4 Ginataang Langka Recipe 

There are many meat substitutes you can use for meaty dishes but some may not know that the langka or the jackfruit is one of them. This was a rising meat alternative as far back as 2015 when more vegans and vegetarians discovered the way Asians used the fruit in its unripe state. Those who do know that the flesh of an unripe langka can be used for more than just kansi recipe, this meaty substitute can resemble shredded pork, chicken, or even beef if cooked in that way.

However, you don't need to make it mimic meat if you cook it knowing it's langka. Match it with gata and even a few pieces of dried fish to make into a complete meal.     

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5 Ginataang Upo Recipe with Dried Fish 

Upo is a bottle gourd, and it's a super affordable vegetable that has a high yield. Its size is just the start! When cooked, it becomes very soft and delicious, similar to sayote but without the darker translucent green hue. It's a fantastic in misua recipes but just as delicious on its own with coconut. Like the other recipes on this list, it becomes a meal when paired with fried dried fish.   


6 Pork and Beans Gata Recipe 

This may have pork but it doesn't take away the fact that the main ingredient in this recipe is the Baguio green beans. Similar to a gising-gising recipe but with a lot less meat and loaded with a different kind of green beans. 

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7 Ginataang Kalabasa with Malunggay Recipe 

This list won't be complete without this classic dish! This chunky recipe is made with kalabasa or squash, and its sweet flesh is simmered in gata. It's made even more delicious when it's paired with the sweet creaminess of coconut milk. Make the dish more nutritious with malunggay leaves added to the dish. 

While the chunks make the dish, hearty if you simmer it too long and the kalabasa starts to break down, make lutik, a Bacolod dish that's more soupy than saucy but has all the ingredients that makes into a version of ginataang kalabasa but in a more pureed form.   

There are so many vegetables you can use that pairs wonderfully well with gataVegetables that you might use for kare-kare for example would be delicious too if you used them in a ginataan recipe


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