Here’s How You Can Cook Great Grilled Pork Chop Recipes

Fire up the grill for these pork chops.

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A simple pork chop meal isn't a fancy meal but when done right, it can be super satisfying and delicious. 

Do what the pros do and brine your pork chops. Brining introduces a little bit of flavor into the water that the pork chops are in. That's okay because brining isn't about adding flavor to the pork chop. Instead, brining is about keeping your meat moist as it cooks (for hours if needed!) so it doesn't end up being so dried up that's impossible to eat.

The good thing with pork chops is that it's a small and thin cut that is easy to brine. Even an overnight soak is ideal for pork chops since pork chops need to cook longer to cook the meat near the bone. It's easy to overcook, but by brining it, it stands less chance of that happening. 

If you're worried about flavor, there's no need! The pork will naturally become seasoned and juicy so all you need is to add additional flavor as a glaze, sauce, or gravy on the side. Here are recipes to try on the grill: 

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1 Soy and Garlic Pork Chops Recipe 

A marinade is similar to brining but marinades are more intensely flavorful so that it can leech into the meat. This simple marinade of soy sauce and garlic is one that you can use for pork, chicken, beef, and even fish.  


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2 Grilled Pork Chops with Banana Chutney Recipe 

Bananas are plentiful so why not make it into a flavorful side dish to serve with your grilled pork chops? A chutney is a fruit or vegetable-based condiment that provides a balance of flavors to the meal. In this case, bananas give this pork chop a sweet, fruity taste that pairs wonderfully with the savory pork. 


3 Grilled Pork Chops with Mango Ginger Glaze Recipe 

Meats like pork make wonderful contrasting flavors to fruits and vegetables. The direct contrast between savory and sweet make meals exciting and delicious. These pork chops are a great example of this flavor combination. The savory pork is paired with a ginger-spiced mango syrup that gives this grilled pork chop an appetizing sheen. 


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4 Grilled Char Siu Pork Chops Recipe

Char siu is the sauce or glaze of the barbecued meats. It's sweet, sticky, and loaded with umami. It's the flavor you normally love on boneless pork that's also been smoked! For this recipe, it's faster and easier to have on a regular basis since it's a pork chop. Grab a bottle of the prepared Chinese barbecue sauce and slather it on liberally for a grilled barbecued meal that's different from your usual barbecue.   


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Whether you love pork chops or not, these recipes are sure to get you excited about using the grill. Pork is awesome when cooked over red-hot charcoal, but if you've got one of those electric grills, those deliver a searing hot char, too, that's almost as good as the real thing. 


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