These Grilled Pork Recipes Make Fantastic Meals Every Time

There are many ways to enjoy inihaw!

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The most convincing argument to grill pork are the delicious flavors that will develop when it's been charred and the smokey flavors that it absorbs which you taste with every bite. 

If you're craving flavorful grilled pork recipes, here are the recipes you need to get that craving satisfied:

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1 Sinuglaw Recipe 


Sinuglaw is the local version of the surf and turf. It's made with a fresh tuna kinilaw topped with chopped grilled pork liempo. We promise you'll get addicted to this delicious combo! 

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Grilled liempo + tuna kinilaw = super good!

This light, refreshing dish pairs smoky grilled pork with fresh fish.

2 Grilled Pork Chops with Mango-Ginger Glaze Recipe

Grilling pork chops is a great way to infuse more flavor into it. It's a no-fail situation but if you're looking for other flavors to add to your pork meal, you can baste on this sweet and tangy glaze on each pork chop as it finishes grilling. The result is a super appetizing meal. 


Grilled pork chop goodness!

You'll love grilled chops even more when they're paired with sweet, fruity chutney with a spicy kick!

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3 Garlic and Soy Grilled Pork Chops Recipe 

If you love the flavor of adobo – soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and bay leaf – you'll love the flavors of this grilled pork recipe. It's not only a familiar flavor but it's boosted by the addition of a warm spice: paprika. 


Add new flavor dimensions to your pork chops with a garlic-soy marinade.

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4 Grilled Pork Skewers Recipe 

There is little that can make this pork skewer recipe more flavorful. This is like a kebab but easier to form and cook since it's made of seasoned ground pork. The pork is formed around lemongrass stalks so it is made more aromatic and flavorful as it grills. There are more ways to make grilled pork skewers, too. 


This grilled pork recipe is easy! Plus, you can use lemongrass stalks as skewers.

Mix, marinate, grill - and you're good to go.


5 Grilled Pork Steak with Chimuchurri Sauce Recipe 

Chimuchirri sauce is a fantastic substitute for pesto. Not only is it just as flavorful, but it's got the delicious tangy and herby flavors of vinegar and cilantro to make it taste different. The grilled pork steak is made just as appetizing like a beef steak with this bright green sauce. 


In this recipe, pork tenderloin is cooked in the simplest of ways and serves as the perfect canvas for the bright chimichurri sauce.

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6 Grilled Caribbean Spiced Pork Belly Recipe 

We can't talk about grilled pork without mentioning one of the most popular Pinoy pork cuts: the pork belly or the liempo. The alternating layers of the flavorful fat that keep the meat succulent and flavorful is what makes this cut not only one of the tender and flavorful cuts of the pork but it is also absorbs great flavors. That's why the seasoning and the marinade of the pork belly are essential in giving it a fantastic flavor. Here, the liempo cut is seasoned with spices that will remind you that you live in a wonderfully tropical country which enjoys the sun. 


Sweet, earthy, smoky, and sour?the wonderful flavor mix takes succulent pork belly a notch higher.

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7 Banh Mi Recipe 

This Vietnamese grilled pork barbecue sandwich is made popular from its wonderful contrast of flavors. The cucumber, carrot, and jalapeño pickles are fantastic against the warm, sweet flavors of the soy sauce, pepper, fish sauce, sugar, and lime juice in the pork. The crunch from the sandwich brings it all together. 


A light Vietnamese grilled pork sandwich, dressed in sweet, sour, spicy dressing.

Photo by Riell Santos

8 Pork Barbecue Recipe 

We can't talk about grilled pork and not talk about this classic pork barbecue recipe. The sweet and savory flavors this has serves as both the marinade and the sauce. You can use calamansi juice or a lemon-lime soda to tenderize the pork but either way, the tender pieces of basted pork is the ultimate party food. 


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