Your Inihaw Will Be Extra Delicious With These Marinades

No inihaw recipe tastes complete without a marinade!

There are many marinades you can make to amp up the flavors of your meats. If you're looking to make your inihaw weekend more flavorful, you will need to be armed with one – or three! – of these marinade ideas for your liempo recipes

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1 Liempo with Honey Garlic Marinade Recipe 


Liempo is such a classic inihaw cut but you may want to try this marinade with liempo. It's got the sweet quality that every Pinoy craves with the honey. It also has the garlicky flavors that will give it a little zing. 

This pan-fried liempo recipe is packed with lots of garlicky flavor!

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2 Spiced Yogurt Mint Marinade Recipe 


Yogurt has a fantastic ability to tenderize meats, and this yogurt-based marinade does two jobs: tenderizes while delivering flavor to the liempo pieces. The result is a tender bite that's got a tangy flavor, plus a hint of freshness from the mint.     

Dash some Mediterranean flavors in your chicken, lamb, fish, shrimps, vegetables with this marinade.

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3 Grilled Chili-Garlic Pork Belly Recipe  


The chili-garlic paste may be a pantry staple for some who love heat and this powerful ingredient can be the basis of a marinade that delivers both heat and flavor. Pair it with some hoisin sauce, the Chinese barbecue sauce or glaze that's packed with sweetness and umami flavors, and you get a spicy-sweet marinade that will have you licking your fingers with every bite.  

Coat it in a fiery marinade to give it some heat!

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4 Spiced Pork Belly Recipe 


Citrus juices are an underestimated ingredient, so let the fresh and zesty flavors of this spiced and citrusy marinade delight your taste buds with each bite.     

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Liempo strips get tossed in a marinade of aromatic spices before being charred to tender perfection.

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5 Garlic and Soy Grilled Pork Chop Recipe 

A classic garlic-soy sauce marinade is just what you need to make an inihaw that celebrates the simple flavors with a little flavor boost from the marinade.  


Add new flavor dimensions to your pork chops with a garlic-soy marinade.

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6 Stir-Fried Pork and Peppers Recipe 

You may think this isn't a marinade recipe but in fact, it is. The pork slices are marinated in a delicious sesame, soy, chili bean paste, and sugar marinade that will give it a powerful flavor that you can savor with whatever type of meat you want. 


Here's a tip: slicing the meat into thin strips before marinating allows it to absorb all the wonderful flavors of your marinade.

7 Balsamic Marinade Recipe 

This is the marinade you want to use when you're craving a fancy flavor. The sweeter balsamic vinegar will deliver a similar soy sauce flavor that will nonetheless elevate the flavor profile.

Best for: Chicken breast fillets, pork or beef steaks, pork or beef ribs, and whole chickens for roasting.

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8 Asian Marinade Recipe 


Brown sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and soy sauce are all the classic ingredients you need to make a delicious marinade that tastes like home. 

Best for: Thinly sliced beef, pork, or chicken.

9 Korean Bulgogi Marinade Recipe 

Many love Korean recipes and the bulgogi recipe is one you need to try. It's not surprising that there are delicious bulgogi recipes so you can relish the sweet-savory flavor all you want. 


This homemade mix is best for making beef, pork, or chicken Korean barbecue.

Need more ideas on what to use as a marinade for your latest liempo recipe? 

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Easy and flavorful marinades you can make at home

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No pork barbecue is marinated without this important ingredient.

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Strapped for time? Grab a bottle or two of these flavorful marinades!

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