5 Easy Lunches You Can Make with Ground Beef

Ground beef is easy to cook with at home.

A trip to the grocery wouldn’t be complete without grabbing a kilo or two of ground meat. It’s a wonderful protein to cook with for its affordability and versatility. Here’s a round-up of recipes we love to use when we’re cooking with ground beef. If you season your beef correctly, you’ll get wonderful flavor in your dishes! 



1 Picadillo Cubano

You can use this Tex-Mex-inspired picadillo to fill up hard taco shells, top nachos, or as filling for cheesy quesadillas. Add extra bell peppers if you want to!




2 Chili Con Carne

This warm, comforting bowl of chili con carne comes together in one pot. Have it with lots of rice and cheese.



3 Classic Bolognese Sauce

Who doesn’t love a classic meaty tomato sauce? You can mix it a little basil to give it an herby kick.




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4 Ampalaya Con Carne

We’re mostly including this recipe in the line-up because we want you to eat your vegetables, but really—this dish is delicious!



5 Arroz a la Cubana

Ground beef, fried eggs, and fried bananas—this classic trio never goes out of style!




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