5 Easy Ground Chicken Recipes for As Low As P33 Per Serving!

Ground chicken is the key to an affordable, healthy and delicious meal plan.

It's easy to fall back on ground meat because it's so versatile. A grocery staple you might already have is pork or beef, but you need to add in chicken as well! In the same way that you can go about when buying your other choices of ground meat, you can have it freshly ground by your butcher. Simply choose good, chicken breast or thigh fillets, including the skin, and request for it to be ground. Having a little skin in your ground chicken will help amp up the flavor. If you prefer a healthier option, feel free to tell them to leave it out.


Unsure how to use ground chicken meat? Here are a few suggestions: 



1 Grilled Chicken Burger

Cost per serving: P65

Swap your average burger with chicken and taste the difference. We find that chicken leaves a cleaner, leaner taste that doesn't make you feel guilty after.


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2 Chicken and Beef Meatloaf

Cost per serving: P35

This meatloaf recipe isn't just easy to put together, it's also impressively delicious. It'll be hard to come back to canned goods once you've made it yourself and spared you and your family a ton of preservatives.



3 Chicken Pesto Meatballs

Cost per serving: P33

These meatballs go great with rice, bread or pasta. Not into pesto? Switch it up with any kind of sauce you want like teriyaki, cheese, or marinara sauce.




4 Chicken Molo Soup

Cost per serving: P47

It's another way of making chicken noodle soup that you're sure to enjoy. Chicken dumplings are always a crowd pleaser.



5 Chicken Ham Embutido

Cost per roll: P123

Embutido is such a handy recipe to have. Store it in the fridge for any time that you don't feel like cooking or simply don't have the time. Pop it in an oven toaster or pan-fry embutido to make it even tastier.



The best part about recipes made from ground meat is that you can usually prep them well in advance. Store them in the freezer, and whether it's for breakfast, baon, or dinner, it's so easy to pluck them out and cook them quickly. 




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