These Ground Meat Recipes Make Cooking Meals Easier + Faster

Cook meals faster with this easy meat swap plus other tips to speeding up cooking.

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We know a few cooking tips and tricks to make cooking your meals faster and easier. 

One way to cook meals faster is to change your ingredients. There are ingredients that cook faster than others, and it can be an easy swap. The best swap to do is with the meat. For recipes that usually ask for chunks of meat, no matter how small or large, these will still take time to cook and become tender. There is a kind of meat you can get the butcher shop, however, that cooks in minutes rather than in hours: ground meat.  

If you think about it, there is little difference between the flavor of different pork cuts other than looks. Chunks from the shoulder of the pork may be more flavorful but its essence still tastes like pork. That's why this swap is so easy to do. You are not changing anything more than the looks of the dish when you swap out the chunks of meat for the ground meat version. 


What you are doing is speeding up your cooking process.

Need more ideas on how to speed up cooking?

Does your recipe require potatoes and carrots? Does it really need to be potatoes and carrots? If you're not particular about the vegetables you're using, why not use other vegetables that cook faster and are just as delicious as potatoes and carrots. Swap it out for faster-cooking green beans, leafy kangkong leaves and stems, or toss in chunks of eggplants with the ground pork recipes. 

Use these ideas to make any of these delicious ground meat recipes:  

This spicy pork and eggplant dish easily comes together all in one pot.
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1 Spicy Minced Pork and Eggplant Hot Pot Recipe 

Simple saute ground pork with some aromatic ingredients such as the fermented bean paste and the chili garlic sauce mix creates a dish this flavorful. The combination of ingredients creates an easy stir-fried dish 

Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Steamed Talong with Ground Pork Recipe 

For those times when you want more veggies than meat, switch the amounts of the two main ingredients like what is done here. It's still hearty, still savory and highly flavorful, but the main difference between this and the hot pot is the main ingredient that has swapped places with the eggplant. Switch out a few more ingredients to change up the overall flavor, and you've instantly made a new dish that is still delicious. 


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3 Green Beans with Ground Pork and Tofu Recipe 

Ground pork is delicious so it's no wonder that there are many recipes that use this meat frequently. This ground pork recipe isn't just about the ground pork but also has a healthy bunch of green beans to make it more than just one note in flavor. It also amps up the heft and protein by adding tofu chunks to the mix. You not only get the wonderful flavors of the meat but also allows the tofu to soak up some of the sauce that's made. 


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4 Ground Beef Stroganoff Recipe 

Feel like having pasta but not in the mood for something that's a little different from the usual? Ground meat pasta sauces are quite quick and easy to make but it can be tiresome when you're making the same tomato-based pasta sauces and feel like white sauces like a Pinoy-style carbonara recipe is too heavy. The solution? A ground meat pasta sauce that's light but not too light with ingredients that make it taste different but still very tasty. 


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5 Pork Giniling na Menudo Recipe 

Want to speed up the cooking of your favorite ulam? Try this speedy menudo recipe that uses ground pork instead of chunks of pork. This is the perfect swap that not only quickens the cooking of your favorite menudo dish, it also gives you another option when you want to cook a giniling recipe. 


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6 Easy Shepherd's Pie Recipe 

A classic shepherd's pie is basically a beef stew under a crust. The most obvious way to make this easier and faster is to cook it as you normally would but instead of using chunks of beef, swap it out with ground beef. A creamy mashed potato finishes off the dish but just like you don't need to be tied down to the ground beef. Make it party presentable to any gathering by topping it off with slices of your favorite veggies instead for a wheel of color on top. 


Have we introduced enough ideas for you to take the reins when you're next going to cook? The other thing we love about ground meat in general that we think would make it a freezer staple is the sheer versatility of it. From simple burgers to a complex but stunning ratataouille-topped baked dish, ground meat can be the meat you didn't know you needed in your busy life. Speeding up your cooking was never this easy. 


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