Everything You Need to Know About Making Homemade Mie Goreng

These fried noodles are easy to make with a few ingredients.

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The most popular fried noodles dish we know and love is really the pancit canton. Just like the majority of fried noodles around Asia, our pancit canton is a stir-fried egg noodles dish loaded with slivers of vegetables, chunks of meat which varies and could be a combination of pork and seafood, and of course, the stir fry sauce that brings everything together into one cohesive forkful. 

Did you know that the instant noodles topped with a fried egg, the mie goreng, is basically just the Indonesian version of a pancit canton? It is! Think about it. It has the same kind of noodles, similar toppings, and of course, a similar stir-fried sauce, too. What makes their dish different from the one we know are the ingredients. 

In the mie goreng, which literally means "fried noodles", the noodles are tossed in a savory-sweet sauce that's not unlike the kind of sauce we Filipinos love! That might explain why we relate to their version as well as our own so well. The biggest difference could be the soy sauce that is used in the mie goreng. Instead of the salty soy sauce we love adding to our adobo recipes, the soy sauce used in the mie goreng is actually the sweet kind. 


You don't have to go out of your way to buy this sweet soy sauce or kecap manis! You can actually make it! We have a recipe for a great nasi goreng or fried rice recipe that uses a homemade kecap manis. Here's how you make an easy homemade kecap manis: 

  • 1. Combine 1/4¬†cup soy sauce¬†and 1/8 cup brown sugar¬†in a¬†saucepan over medium heat.
  • 2. Bring to a boil, lower to a simmer, and then reduce until¬†it coats the back of a spoon. Remove from the heat and transfer to a squeeze bottle. (It will thicken even more when it has cooled down.) Keep¬†refrigerated until ready to use.¬†
  • 3. When ready to use, reheat in the microwave or place in a glass of hot water to heat and liquify the mixture and make it easier to pour.¬†
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With this easy sweet soy sauce recipe, you can make your version of this Indonesian fried noodles at home! Better yet, since it's homemade, you can load it up with all the delicious toppings you want. To do that, here is a quick guide on how to do it as close to the real thing as you can: 

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1 Use the right noodles.

When it comes to pancit canton, we usually grab the dried egg noodles. These noodles need to be softened in a flavorful broth that's usually simmering with all the sahog that goes in our stir-fried noodles. However, the mie goreng doesn't have a broth to help soften the noodles. Instead, you'll need to grab some fresh egg noodles. 


The best kind of fresh eggs noodles are those that you can make yourself of course but not everyone is a noodle maker. Instead, make it easy on yourself and grab the miki noodles from the chilled section of your supermarket or visit the fresh noodle merchant at the palengke. You'll know exactly what you need when you see it: it's a soft, brightly hued yellow noodles that look like pancit canton noodles if it were freshly made. 

Once you have your fresh noodles, remember to rinse the noodles under cold water before cooking it to remove any leftover residue or preservatives used. 

You can easily make pasta using two ingredients: eggs and flour.
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2 Prepare all your ingredients. 

Also known as mise en place, preparing your ingredients is especially important for stir-fried dishes. What's so great about stir frying is that while it may take a while to cut, slice, and chop your ingredients into small pieces, once this preparation is done, cooking the dish is quite fast. 

Since everything cooks fast, you also have to move quickly and having your ingredients ready to toss into the wok or pan is essential. 

Stir-frying is easy when using a wok.
Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

3 Heat the wok! 

If you have a wok, this is the best time to use it! When it comes to tossing and flipping, this is the best tool to have. If you don't have a wok, consider getting yourself one for stir-fried dishes (and more!). 

For now, grab the largest large saute pan or frying pan you have, and heat it up. It's time to quickly cook your fried noodles. 

Top your favorite fried noodles recipe with a fried egg. You'll love it!
Photo by Roselle Miranda

4 Top it with a fried egg. 

Once you have your wok smoking hot, start cooking! Follow the mie goreng recipe and you'll love that despite the number of ingredients on the list, it's actually quite easy to put together. You just have to remember, again, to move quickly since everything will be cooking quickly, too. If needed, turn down the heat as needed so you don't burn any of your ingredients. 

When your fried noodles are finally done, transfer it all onto a plate and cook an egg. One of the signifying ingredients of this dish is really that fried sunny-side-up egg. Without it, it seems like a normal pancit canton that just happens to be on the sweet side.

The pancit canton recipe can be as versatile and delicious as any other noodle you can make. Why not make it a habit to change up your version once in a while. We think this Indonesian pancit canton can be your go-to pancit canton when you're tired of eating the same kind every time. Try this and these other two pancit canton recipes that we think you might like: 


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