Eat Better With These Healthy Chicken Recipes

These healthy recipes are easy, too!

Healthy recipes are commonly associated with chicken rather than pork or beef recipes. There are a few things you can do to make a chicken dish more healthy than usual:

  1. 1 Remove the chicken skin. 
  2. 2 Remove any excess chicken fat under the skin and any that is attached to the meat. 
  3. 3 Use white meat or the chicken breast instead of the dark meat or the chicken thigh, legs, and wings.  

If you follow these three main principles of preparing the chicken before cooking it, you may decide how to cook it because this too may determine how much healthier your chicken dish will be. 

Chicken that's been deep-fried in oil is allegedly less healthy than one that's been simply fried in a pan or even baked where there is little need to add additional oil. 

Here are recipes to try that are made more healthy: 


1 Healthy Chicken Burger Recipe 

Burgers are actually healthier than you think. Much of the beef fat from the ground beef renders and drips out of the burger patty as it is grilled or cooked. It's actually what people put on their burgers which piles on the calories and makes the burger less than healthy. 

To make a healthier version of a burger, you can swap out the fattier beef for leaner ground chicken. This recipe also adds a hint of chopped carrots to the ground meat mixture. This helps insulate the chicken from turning dry as it cooks. Anyone who takes a bite will find a juicy burger.        

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2 Healthy Chicken Barbecue Recipe with Java Rice 

Removing the skin of your chicken barbecue may sound like a sin but in this case, the super flavorful marinade and barbecue sauce should be enough to make it super delicious. Keeping the skin just proves to be a barrier that prevents the chicken meat from becoming more flavorful! 

If you're worried about the chicken becoming dry while on the grill, the marination of the chicken as well as basting it as it cooks should help prevent that. Pair it with classic java rice.


Photo by Patrick Martires

3 Healthy Rice-Stuffed Chicken Recipe 

Are you going gluten-free? Try this version of a breaded chicken fillet that's dredged in psyllium-fiber instead of all-purpose flour. You can find this alternative flour in your local major supermarkets at either the international section or the healthy section or you can find this as well in health food grocery stores, too. 

To make this recipe even more healthy, the chicken fillet is stuffed with rice that's enhanced with ground turmeric. This gives it a gorgeous golden color when you slice through the center. This is one recipe that's healthier and heartier all on its own!  

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 Grilled Chicken Salad with Anchovy Dressing Recipe

Salads have a reputation for being healthy, and this is exactly that while at the same time, it's a hearty one, too. That's all thanks to the chicken that's grilled and added to the meal. You won't find this lacking in flavor either since you have an umami-bomb in the form of anchovies as the base flavor of the dressing. Tossed with the neutral- but fresh-tasting lettuce and paired with simply seasoned chicken, orange slices, and croutons, this is one meal that can be hearty and healthy enough for you to want to eat.  


5 Grilled Chicken with Sinamak Recipe

Eating better doesn't mean you have to sacrifice everything. If you're one of those people who love chicken skin, especially when cooked right, this grilled chicken is going to be delightful. Keep the chicken skin on and go ahead and use your favorite chicken leg quarter for this recipe.

The trick here is to cook the chicken in a healthier manner. Grilled chicken is one of the best ways to have chicken without adding or using fat to cook it. Amp up the flavors of the marinade or the sauce that's served with it, and you've got a super flavorful and hearty meal. 

Take the healthy route and try these chicken recipes so you can start eating better from now on. 


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