Here's Everything You Need to Know About Homemade Ice Cream

Creamy, smooth, and refreshing homemade ice cream is what you need this summer!

Imagine all the different flavors of homemade ice cream you can make at home! It's easy, too, with all the ripe mangoes, avocados, and coconuts around us this summer. Here are all the tips and essential information you need to help you make your best batch of homemade ice cream yet.



1 You don't need any special equipment.

All you need is a hand mixer to whip your custard until it gets fluffy, and a working freezer. Remember to store your ice cream in the back part of your freezer and not near the freezer door to make sure that it sets as smoothly as possible.



2 Invest in quality ingredients.

Invest in the best milk, heavy cream, eggs, and vanilla that you can afford. We promise: you will thank yourself later! Quality ice cream, even if homemade, needs quality ingredients.



3 Use sweeteners like condensed milk, or make sure that your sugar melts completely in when you heat your custard base.


It is a must the ice cream is smooth and creamy-so grains of sugar are unacceptable! A good hack to avoid this is to use condensed milk as your sweetener. It freezes smoothly, too! Otherwise, just make sure that your sugar is completely melted when you heat up your custard base.


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4 Plastic wrap will be your best friend.

Your initial freezing phase is important: press a layer of plastic wrap on the top layer of your custard before you stick it into the freezer to set. This will prevent a skin from forming on top, and will prevent any possible freezer burn or small ice crystals from form on the ice cream itself.

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5 Use flat, long containers.

Long, flat containers will ensure a perfectly set batch of ice cream. This also helps you scoop out the ice cream, of course!



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