These Are the Coffee + Hot Chocolate Drinks You Need for Simbang Gabi

These drinks will make waking up early extra fun.

It’s the season for hot chocolate, dawn mass, and lots of eating. What better way to observe Simbang Gabi but with delicious steaming hot mugs of chocolate and coffee? Maybe you need the motivation to wake up in wee hours of the morning or need more energy to stay awake for Simbang Gabi—these recipes are for you. 

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1 Get your chocolate fix with these classic recipes


If you’re an intense chocolate lover, sometimes, all you need is an excuse to indulge. Christmas is the excuse you’ve been waiting for.  With these recipes, get to satisfy the craving. They’re simple, easy, no-frills because chocolate is enough of a star as is.

Add some cayenne or ancho chile powder for spice, or stir the recipe below into a hot cup of coffee to make a quick mocha.

This hot chocolate recipe was made for long days.

Use your favorite chocolate bar to make this drink-the darker the chocolate the better!

Photo by Dairy Darilag

2 Wake up with these minty chocolate recipes


The best memories are made when you’re wide awake. The minty kick to these chocolate recipes will give you much-needed pick-me-up so you can remember the sweet memories you’re about to make.

Hack your way into a seasonal favorite coffee drink: peppermint mocha!

Try your hand at making a peppermint mocha frappe from scratch!

This hot chocolate hides a delicious and aromatic flavor: cinnamon!
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3 Fancy up with spiced-up chocolate recipes


Cinnamon with chocolate and coffee is a match made in heaven. Its sweet, complex notes are a welcome addition that hops on the steam as it travels to your nose. But don't stop at cinnamon! There's a whole world of spices you've yet to enjoy! Best apart this twist? It's such a quick addition but makes such a big difference!

Cap off a busy day with some hot chocolate. We made it even more special with a dollop of dulce de leche whipped cream.

Spice up your regular hot chocolate with cinnamon!

Why not add a fiery kick to a traditional chocolate drink?

4 Get playful with Coffee Jelly

You don't need to go to a coffee shop to get those delicious cubes of coffee jelly. You can have it right at home for a sweet and fun way to perk up for Mass.

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Treat yourself to this simple coffee jelly dessert.

A thick frappuccino and smooth jelly come together in one cool concoction.

Update the classic coffee jelly by using coconut!

Photo by Lilen Uy

5 Have the best of both worlds with chocolate and coffee blended recipes


Can’t decide between chocolate or coffee? Have both! Mocha is your way to go.  

Perk up rich, thick hot chocolate with a shot of coffee!

If coffee-flavored gelatin is available, grab that box to make this recipe even easier than it already is.

6 Get a little wild with spiked hot chocolate and coffee recipes

Maybe you don’t want your coffee and chocolate treat before Simbang Gabi, maybe you want it after! Wind down with these spiked concoctions. Plus, the booze really amps up the flavor in these recipes.

You can spike a cold glass with orange-infused rum!

Give the grown-ups a treat-serve some spiked hot chocolate!

Has the chilly weather got you down? Warm up with this toasty, chocolatey drink!


7 Have a fruity cup of cocoa or coffee

The citrusy sweet flavor and its bright scent can elevate your typical hot cocoa or coffee. It’s also such a quick hack that it will change your chocolate and coffee habits forever.

When using coffee for a cold drink, use either espresso or strongly brewed coffee to get an intense coffee flavor.

Orange and chocolate are delicious together.

Photo by Majoy Siason

 8 Perfect your good old brewed coffee

Sometimes, all you want is a simple cup of coffee from freshly ground beans. It makes a difference though when you know what you're doing. Here is everything you should know:


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Never used a coffee press before? We guide you to the basics of how to use this coffee contraption.

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9 Get back to your childhood with tablea tsokolate recipes

Christmas, after all, is the time for tablea! Nothing will take you back to your childhood memories more than these tablea recipes. The deep, dark, nutty flavors will put sunshine in your smile.


Thick, creamy, and nutty, this cup of heaven is perfect for rainy days in.

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Sip on thick, earthy, and delicious tsokolate with a twist: red wine!

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