How Long Can You Keep Cooked Hard Boiled Eggs?

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The rainy season is a great reason to have ramen. The chewy noodles swimming in a bowl full of silky broth with slices of rolled pork, a nori sheet, chopped green onions, and a ramen egg. 

If you love ramen eggs, you should know that these seasoned eggs are easy to make! It's a matter of soft-boiling eggs, removing the shell, and marinating these completely in a flavorful sauce for a few days. It's usually a simmered sauce of soy sauce, sugar, sesame, onions, and garlic. These are then stored in the refrigerator overnight for up to a few days to transform the yolks into the jellied yolks we love. 

It's a simple recipe that yields a satisfying side dish to ramen.

This is how to perfectly boil hard-boiled eggs.
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Have you ever made ramen eggs? If you have, you might wonder how long it can last. As with all cooked food, hard-boiled eggs should also follow the storage rules when dealing with leftovers: 

  1. 1 Cool it down. 
  2. 2 Store in the refrigerator within two hours. 

It's two simple rules that are easy to remember and follow. The problem lies after it's stored. 

How long do hard-boiled eggs last in the refrigerator? 

Cooked eggs last seven days or one week. This is because when eggs are cooked, these will spoil faster than if it were still raw. 

This applies to any cooked egg. Even pickled eggs such as those gorgeous hard-boiled eggs you find in your bowl of ramen should be consumed within a week. This is because homemade ramen eggs are not subjected to the same processes manufacturing factories have to extend the shelf life.  

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Can you freeze these cooked eggs? Unfortuantely, it's best not to freeze hard-boiled eggs since these turn tough, rubbery, and leak water.  



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