This Is How Long You Should Cook Corn

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Search on the internet for how long you need to boil corn in water and you'll find that many believe as few as 3 to 5 minutes is all you need to cook corn. 

This kind of corn might be different from the kind of corn we have locally. 

We think you need to cook corn longer than just a few minutes in boiling water. Contrary to what many think, corn has to be cooked until tender from the inside out. That means even the shell of the corn kernel has to be tender enough that anyone can eat it without too much trouble biting into the cob to get to the kernels. To do that, you need to cook it a little longer. 

Here's how long we think you should cook corn for: 45 minutes

It should be at a rolling boil when you start the timer so that the corn is already being cooked. You can try the suggested 5 minutes but if you find that it's not tender enough, cook it longer. Don't worry. It won't result in overcooked corn. 


Some people recommend that no salt be added to the water. This is because the salt can toughen the corn kernel skin. We recommend doing the same thing but suggest you do this instead: add salt when the corn is almost cooked. This will eliminate the bland corn taste and instead elevate the flavors of the corn, especially its natural sweetness. 

By adding the salt in the latter stages of cooking, you still season the corn without contributing to the toughness of the corn kernel.    

Once you have your corn, you can even grill it to give it that charred flavor that is so delicious! Plus, the water will help prevent it from drying out too fast. Here are recipes to try as soon as that corn is tender: 

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1 Grilled Corn with Spiced Butter Recipe 

Grilled corn is delicious but if you love Indian spices, this is the way to get those flavors in the corn. Bloom the spices in hot melted butter or oil before brushing on the spiced butter and then topping it off with the chunky aromatics.    

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2 Grilled Corn with Garlic Parmesan Butter Recipe 

Garlic and Parmesan are best friends when it comes to flavor so it's no wonder that what tastes delicious on your chicken wings will taste just as irresistible when slathered on corn. Remember to be generous because only that will make this truly irresistible when served with a shower of the cheese.  

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3 Corn on the Cob Recipes 

We know grilled corn is delicious so these recipes should teleport you to some amazingly delicious taste adventures with every bite. 

Want to taste Korea on a stick? Try the sesame and spicy hot pepper paste that catapulted its cuisine to cult status. Make it cheesy and creamy with either the Philly-style or the parmigiana version. Want to excite your taste buds with something really exotic? Try this takoyaki-influenced version that makes you want to change up those balls forever into corn cobs from now on.   


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