How To Air Fry Any Vegetable

Are you an air fryer owner?

Are you an air fryer owner? If you are, you have probably tried to cook various kinds of food in it. You can cook breakfast tocino in it with an easy hack, “hard-boil” eggs, “bake” a chocolate cake, and even make crispy lechon kawali in it. 

Have you tried cooking air-fried Pinoy chicken in it yet? It’s not just for cooking but also for making sure that your traditionally deep-fried chicken and other food is drained of as much oil as possible. The air fryer works like an oven so any oil still in your fried food will drain off easily since it will drip off. 

How do you use your air fryer to cook vegetables? 

Take a page from roasting veggies in a conventional oven. Since an air fryer basically acts as a mini oven with the fan on, use the tips for these recipes to cook your version in the air fryer. Here’s how to air fry any vegetable: 

1 Cut and trim your veggies. 

Are you air frying potatoes? Feel free to peel these if desired or leave these whole. You can also air fry other root vegetables such as kamote and carrots. You can also try to air fry onions, garlic, zucchini, bell peppers, green beans such as sitaw or Baguio beans, and even tomatoes. 

To prepare your veggies, prepare these as normal. Peel root veggies as desired or scrub the skins free of dirt. For green beans, break and trim the ends as normal. Cut or slice these into the desired sizes such as cubes, strips, or wedges. 


2 Toss in oil then season. 

Once you have your veggies prepared, transfer these into a bowl or container and drizzle on some oil. Toss to coat. You can also use melted butter if desired. Season with salt. Be experimental and use spice mixes, fresh or dried herbs, and other seasonings for even more flavor if desired. 

3 Transfer to the air fryer basket. 

Once prepped, add these to the air fryer basket. You don’t need any air fryer accessories but the basket to “air roast” these veggies. If necessary, use the larger chunks of veggies on the bottom so the smaller pieces don’t fall out through the basket weave. Give these veggies room and don’t fill up the basket too much so the air can still circulate efficiently in and around the pieces. 

4 Set your temperature and timer. 

Set the temperature to 200 degrees C (or 400 degrees F) and the timer according to the vegetables you’re frying. For most vegetables such as potatoes, it might take longer to air fry than green beans.

As a guide, set the timer for 10 minutes then check doneness. Just remember that the larger the pieces, the longer it will take to cook. You can also check this handy air fryer cheat sheet

5 Remove from the air fryer. 

A good visual tip when roasting veggies is this: fry until you see toasted spots. This is your indicator that the veggies are caramelizing and becoming tasty. Another tip is to do the fork test for root veggies: pierce one with a fork to check doneness. 


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Once these are fried to perfection, turn off the air fryer (if it’s still running) and remove the basket. Season with more salt if desired, and serve it immediately while still hot. 


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