This Is The Fastest Way to Boil Potatoes and Pasta

You'll be able to cut down potato and pasta prep time by several minutes.

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Smart cooking prep is underrated-there are so many ways to speed up your prep time to make all those 15-, 20-, and 30-minute meals possible.




One of our favorite cooking hacks is shaving off prep time when it comes to boiling potatoes and pasta: two carbs that generally take several minutes to cook through. This hack is simpler than you think! It starts with one step: turning on your electric kettle.


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If you think about it, turning on your kettle the second you walk into the kitchen means that you'll have boiling water in around 5 minutes or so. At this point, you can fill up your pot with boiling water and throw in your potatoes and pasta. You will not have to wait over 15 minutes for a large pot of water to come to its boiling point over the stove anymore.  



Hack your way into fuss-free mashed potatoes by tossing in peeled, cubed potatoes into boiling water. Immediately place your pot on top of the stove to continue the cooking process, and your potatoes will be cooked through in 5 to 6 minutes. At this point, you'll be able to drain and mash them into fluffy potatoes!





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