How To Cook Air Fryer Tokwa

No oil needed for crispy tokwa!

The air fryer has been used in many ways. The versatility of this popular kitchen appliance seems to have no bounds! You can “fry” chicken wings or Max’s style whole chicken, roast a crispy pork lechon kawali“bake” a fudgy chocolate cake and brownies, cook fish fillets to perfection, and even “hard boil” eggs in it, too!  

There’s another food that might be better fried in the air fryer than the traditional way: tokwa

The idea is not a far-fetched one since you can “fry” other food in the air fryer with great success. However, you might think that the tofu needs to be cooked in oil to become crispy and delicious. You don’t. In fact, you don’t need to use any oil at all contrary to most air frying advice

Want to know how it’s done? Here’s how we did it with a step-by-step recipe: 

How To Make Air Fryer Tofu  

Place uncooked tofu into the air fryer basket.
Photo by Roselle Miranda
Perfectly golden brown and delicious tofu!
Photo by Roselle Miranda
  • 1 Remove 1 500-gram tofu block from the packaging and drain well. Rinse if desired. Pat dry with a kitchen towel and slice into cubes or squares. 
  • 2 Place tofu in the basket of the air fryer and place in the appliance. 
  • 3 Set temperature to 200 degrees C or 400 degrees F and the timer to 15 minutes
  • 4 Let cook for the entire 15 minutes then remove fried tokwa from the basket. Serve while hot.  

These tofu squares emerged light and almost fluffy with crisp edges! This is done without any oil, too. 

Check out how crispy and golden brown this tokwa becomes!
Photo by Roselle Miranda

You might find that if you don’t use firm tofu or tofu that’s not firm, the tofu will lose a lot of moisture and turn super light. Also, if you don’t pat the tofu down well, the wet parts of the tofu will stick slightly to the basket. That’s okay because in our test, sticking rarely happened and each square was easily removed with a gentle nudge from our tongs. 

Are you going to be “frying” your tokwa in the air fryer from now on? We are! 



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