Reader Tips: How to Cook Amazing Fried Rice


There’s something about fried rice that is undeniably comforting. Whether or not it’s because of how easy it is to make it, or how its mix of flavors is so familiar, nothing can beat good fried rice served straight out of the pan.

We asked our readers how they make fried rice their own. Here are a few of our favorite tips:


“Once you cook the rice, leave it in the fridge to cool (preferably overnight) and use when cold… the rice separates better.” – Bella Muxworthy

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“Use long grain rice like basmati.  This will give you the perfect pilaf or fried rice.” –Kathy Esguerra

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“I cook fried rice with ground pork, shrimp, celery and scrambled eggs. I sprinkle it with green onions and liquid seasoning. Delicious!” –Marissa Tambauan

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“One very important thing is to use a very large pan or wok so you can toss the rice and other ingredients very well and still keep them in the pot. In a smaller pan, you’ll lose too much as it ends up everywhere except in the pot. Oh, and Jasmine rice works well too.” –Arisia Matchcom

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“Saute some garlic and ginger in a combination of canola and sesame oil. Add rice, then the rest of your ingredients. For me, it’s cut up meat, veggies and precooked scrambled egg.” –Kara Elandt Hamilton

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“To help the rice not get mushy during cooking, I add 1 to 2 tablespoons of sticky rice to the rice cooker with the normal rice. It gives it a better texture and mouth feel. Also, use sweet soy sauce or Kecap Manis and Chinese sweet sausage (lap cheong).”  -Cynthia Zein

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Cook the rice for half its cooking time, drain and rinse with cold water. Leave it to cool until you fry it with the rest of the ingredients. I add saffron too, at the end.” –Elli Tanha

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