How To Cook Beef Broccoli + Tips

Is it one of your all-time favorite dishes? Make it at home with these tips.

Beef with broccoli is a dish that's super delicious. The slivers of beef are tender and coated in an umami-packed sauce with ginger and oyster sauce. The broccoli gives the dish a burst of fresh green flavor that's a nice contrast to the beefy meat.

If beef broccoli is one of your all-time favorite dishes but too intimidated to make it at home, here are all the tips you need to know to do it right: 

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1 Choose a tender beef cut.

You don't need to be a butcher to know that the most tender cut of beef is the tenderloin. You can play it safe and buy this instead of the sirloin tips that are usually used for this recipe. You can actually use other cuts of beef but if tenderness is what you want, you will either have to cook it quickly so it doesn't toughen or overcook it to a degree that it has no choice but to be tender. 

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2 Make sure the beef is tender.

To ensure that the beef is tender, remember you can a few things to the meat. You can cut or slice against the grain. This basically means cutting across the strands of meat instead of along it so you create shortened tender bites, rather than long stringy ones. 

Another way of ensuring you have tender meat is to use a meat tenderizer. A meat tenderizer is commonly a powder that has an enzyme that will naturally tenderize the meat. This is commonly the same properties papaya or pineapples have and is in fact a naturally derived ingredient.

Another way of ensuring the beef is tender is by pounding it using a meat mallet. Also known as a meat tenderizer because of the spiked end of the mallet, you use this side to pound the meat until it's docked with holes. (Use the flat side to flatten meat into thin cutlets.) 


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3 Use medium heat. 

Stir fries commonly require cooking over high heat. However, for anyone who is unsure and less confident in their cooking abilities, especially with quick recipes such as this one, you can lower the heat and cook over a gentler heat. By using a less aggressive heat, you can relax and not panic. You can cook at your pace rather than at the pace the recipe calls for you to cook. 


When you develop more confidence, you can try cooking at a higher heat. Until then, allow yourself to dictate how you cook so you can gain the experience you need to be a better cook.  

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4 Stir, toss, and pay attention.  

Stir-frying is easy when using a wok. Even if it's not over high heat and you're using medium heat, the shape of the wok was made to be easy to stir and toss the food around in it. 


Take this as your cue. Stirring your food around in the pan has many advantages, one of which is that the food doesn't have the chance to stick to your pan. It also ensures that everything is mixed thoroughly. Stir-fries are not meant to take an hour! The speed of stir-fries is dependent on how fast you can cook but also how long ingredients take to cook. That's why ingredients are cut in such a way: thin and small chunks whenever possible. By stirring and tossing ingredients around, you not only cook it, but you also ensure that none of your ingredients overcook either.  

So, when you're not reaching for the ingredients that should be right beside you, you should be stirring, tossing, and otherwise minding the pan and the ingredients in it. 

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5 Serve immediately. 

The speed with which beef broccoli is cooked is the reason why it's always piping hot when it arrives at your table. Since a professional cook can cook this in minutes, it's commonly cooked only when you order it. 

This is why when you cook it at home, you too should be serving it immediately. After all, how delicious would this dish be freshly made?  

Become more confident in your abilities to cook stir fries! The key to stir frying are always dependent on your skills and until you develop them to match your dish, you can take shortcuts. Serving a dish that's delicious is more important than the speed with which you cooked it. 



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