How To Cook Beef Misono And What Beef Cut To Use

Learn all about the dish and what beef cut to buy.

Did you know that there is no such beef dish as a "beef misono" in Japan? It's actually the name of a restaurant known for its incredible wagyu beef! 

So, what's a "beef misono"? It's a menu item on a local Japanese fast food restaurant that can be attributed to this confusion which has a beef dish called "beef misono". In fact, it's the sauce or marinade of the beef that is the "misono". This sauce is even mixed into the mixed vegetable stir fry, too. It's this sauce that makes this beef dish so popular! 

If you search for a recipe so you can recreate it at home, you may find many "beef misono" recipes. However, if you want to know the real name of this dish, what the beef dish is more popularly known as in Japan, is gyudon.

The beef dish we know as "beef misono" is actually known in Japan as "gyudon".
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Gyudon is a Japanese beef dish similar to our bistek with its soy sauce-based sauce and pieces of onions. Instead of calamansi juice that gives our bistek that classic taste, gyudon uses Japanese ingredients mirin and dashi to make it both savory and sweet, too. Mirin is a sweet rice wine while dashi is a soup base that is commonly used in many Japanese recipes. 

Now that you know the real name of the dish that you're truly craving, you can start to make the recipe. The first thing you need to get right is the beef cut. 

This is thinly sliced beef sirloin.
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The beef cut you're looking for at the butcher shop or the meat section of your supermarket is the beef sukiyaki cut. 

What is the beef sukiyaki cut? 

The beef sukiyaki cut came about through the popularity of another Japanese dish, the sukiyaki. The beef dish was so popular that the beef cut that was being requested was named. The beef cut is thinly sliced beef sirloin. This is very thinly sliced beef because the beef is actually cooked very quickly in the hot soup. Too thick and the beef would not cook thoroughly, so it was a precise cut. 

If you don't see this beef cut in the display case, you can request it. Just make sure that it's sliced thinly from the beef sirloin so you get a nice combination of meat and fat marbling to get tender beef. 

For the gyudon or the beef misono, this meat cut is still important for the dish to be successful. That's because the beef, too, is cooked quickly and can get tough if cooked too long. 


How do you cook a beef misono? 

We have recipes you can try! 

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1 Beef Misono Recipe 

Make it easy on yourself and learn how to make this easy beef misono-inspired beef dish. The most exotic ingredient you need is sesame oil which makes this beef dish super aromatic and appetizing. 


2 Gyudon Recipe 

Want to make the more authentic version? Try this easy gyudon recipe that uses dashi, mirin, Japanese soy sauce, sugar, onions, and ginger to make the sauce is poured over the quick-cooking beef instead of being marinated. 


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