How To Cook Brown Rice

You know it's the healthier choice, but do you know how to prep it? Here's how.


THE DILEMMA You’ve heard all about the nutritional benefits of whole grains and you want to incorporate them into your diet. Swapping out white rice for its nuttier, brown cousin seems to be the best way to go, but you’re not quite sure how to prepare it.

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Because brown rice has been processed less than white rice, it requires more water and more time to cook.

The general ratio is three to four cups of water for every cup of rice, although this can vary depending on the brand of rice you use.

It’s easier making it in a rice cooker (especially if you’re using a new one that has a built-in setting specifically for brown rice) because its own internal wizardry can monitor the temperature, thus avoiding overcooking.

But if you’re making it in a pot, keep these tips in mind: Resist the temptation to stir the rice while cooking, or else it will turn mushy. If you find that the rice takes too much time to absorb all the water, leave the pot slightly uncovered in the last few minutes of cooking to help get things moving. Lastly, if the rice is too soft after cooking, let the pot stand for an additional 10 or 20 minutes to help it dry out a little.

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