How To Cook Dishes That Use Both Chicken And Pork

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Do you love chicken adobo as much as you love pork adobo? You're not the only one! 

The good news is that you do not have to choose one kind over the other, not if you can cook both kinds of meat into the same dish! You can mix chicken and pork into recipes, and the resulting dish will be doubly fantastic! 

Here are tips on how to cook these two types of meat in the same dish: 

1 Choose a chicken or pork recipe. 

This can be the easiest thing you will do. Find your favorite recipe, whether it's chicken or pork, and instead of using the amount of meat as indicated in the recipe, half it. You can use half chicken and half pork. The best kind of recipe to use for this double meat dish is one that will require some stewing, such as menudo, caldereta, or even mechado.



2 Start your recipe as the recipe instructs.  

Follow the recipe. If you need to marinate the pork and the chicken, do that. When you're ready to cook, start with your aromatics and cook these. If you need to sear the two kinds of meat, you can do this, too. It's the next step that will require a few changes. 

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3 Cook the pork first. 

The thing with pork is that it needs to tenderize. Unlike chicken, the pork will need much more time to cook, and this is where stewing is the best cooking method to get pork tender. If the meat needs to simmer in a sauce or soup, you need to start with the pork.

You can start things off by searing the pork as well as the chicken but this is unnecessary if the recipe doesn't call for it. However, for the best flavor, you can sear both kinds of meat then just set aside the chicken until the pork is almost tender. 

Once it's tender or almost tender, you can add the chicken to the pot to cook as the pork finishes cooking. You'll get the same flavor and texture as you would normally.

Just remember to allow time for the chicken to cook as well so that you're not left with a dish that's half cooked. Any meat that is half cooked can be the start of a food-borne illness so best to always cook your food fully. 

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4 Finish the recipe.  

Once both kinds of meat are cooked properly, finish the cooking. Add the vegetables that didn't cook with the pork or the chicken. Add the herbs and quick-cooking ingredients that need only a few minutes to infuse the dish with its flavor. Give it a stir, make sure everything is heated through, then serve as the recipe instructs. 


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