Here’s How To Make Chicken Chops Super Tasty

Recreate this delicious chicken dish at home!

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Have you ever been served a piece of fried chicken that was bigger than your face? You probably know this infamous piece of chicken to be a chicken chop

What are chicken chops? 

Chicken chops are a Taiwanese dish that saw a piece of chicken, usually, the breast, pounded until thin and then seasoned and fried like fried chicken. It's very similar to the European schnitzel but with a flavorful twist that is very Asian. 

It's a crunchy and crispy chicken dish that was made even more delicious with an addictive spice seasoning that it gets right before it's served. The spice seasoning is aromatic as well as super tasty and this delivers a fried chicken experience that many loved at the time it was first introduced to the local market. The Pinoy's love for fried chicken is legendary and it's no wonder that this version of a fried chicken was well received. However, to get this amazing dish right, you needed to prepare it properly and then cook it right, too. 


We have an easy recipe for you to try: 

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Dec 20, 2012

To make this chicken chop a guaranteed success, here are tips to keep in mind when making it: 

  • • Evenly pound the chicken. The more even the thickness the chicken is overall, the easier (and the faster) it will be to cook it. 
  • • Marinate it for the full four hours it states in the recipe. The longer it marinates, the more flavor it will absorb and the more flavorful it will be when cooked. 
  • • Give your cooked chicken chop an extra boost in flavor with one last sprinkle of five-spice powder and salt before serving. 
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This chicken chop recipe may be tasty all on its own but restos add something to make it extra tasty: sauce or gravy

You can actually make an easy gravy recipe using the same flour you used to coat the chicken. Fried chicken and gravy make a delicious food combo, so here are delicious gravy recipes you should try to pair with your chicken chop:

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1 Basic Gravy Recipe

You can't go wrong with a basic gravy recipe. Whether it's beef, pork, or chicken, this is the basic gravy recipe you need to know so you can pair it with any dish. 

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Jan 23, 2019


2 Mushroom Gravy Recipe 

Mushrooms in gravy is almost as popular as mushroom soup. But the great thing with this particular recipe is little fat is added. In fact, the stock is skimmed of excess fat and only two tiny teaspoons of butter are used. The gravy is still just as delicious and addictive as any other but you won't feel as guilty having this version on the table. 

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3 Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipe 

While this mushroom sauce recipe is simmered with the chicken, you can still make the sauce on its own and serve it on top or on the side of your chicken chop instead. 

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4 White Pepper Cream Gravy Recipe 

Let the two flavors of black pepper and milk be the star of the gravy, and you'll get a creamy version with a subtle hint of spice that pairs well with the saltiness of fried chicken or whatever meat you want to pair with this. 


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5 Garlic Cream Sauce Recipe

Garlic is a common ingredient in many recipes but it deserves a chance to shine sometimes. In this case, a creamy sauce is made extra appetizing and delicious when it's infused with garlic. 


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