Delicious Ways To Prepare Your Christmas Ham

You can prepare it in other ways.

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Christmas ham is traditional Filipino Noche Buena food. It's a cut of pork that's been seasoned, sometimes smoked, and then cured for months. The most common kind is already precooked and basically just needs to be reheated in time for the Christmas Eve table. 

This holiday ham can be prepared in several ways. You just have to choose what you want it to taste like. Here are recipe ideas on how to make the Christmas ham more delicious: 

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1 Use pineapples. 

There are two ways to use pineapples when preparing ham: you can place pineapple slices on top and you can simmer the ham in pineapple juice. You can do either option or do both and can be cooked either on the stovetop in a pot where it can simmer and reduce easily or in a baking dish in the oven to char and caramelize the top.  

If placing pineapples on top of the ham, use toothpicks to secure the pineapples on a round-shaped ham. Make it look more festive with cherries in the centers of each pineapple slice. If using pineapple juice as part of the glaze, pour the juice into the pan or pot where you are heating up the ham. 

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2 Simmer it in soda.

Another fantastic way of preparing your holiday ham is by using a dark soda or cola. The swap is an easy one: instead of pineapple juice, swap it out with your choice of a dark soda. This is a great idea if you love the flavor of the soda and want to infuse it into your ham. 

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3 Use spices. 

Want to surprise your family with the amazing aroma of your ham roasting in the oven? Spike the ham's glaze with whole cloves, especially if you're using cola for a burst of flavor. To secure cloves in the ham, use the tip of your knife to create little holes on the ham's surface where you can insert the cloves into. To add its flavor to the glaze, simply baste as it roasts. The heat will help transfer its aroma to the ham while basting adds it to the glaze.   

No whole cloves? You can also swap it out with cinnamon sticks, too.

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4 Caramelize brown sugar. 

Do you have a culinary torch? If you do and know how to use it, then you can easily caramelize the surface of the ham. This is a great option if you do not have an oven but still want the charred flavor that it can give to dishes.  

To do this classic way of preparing the holiday ham, simply sprinkle and cover the surface of the ham with brown sugar. Use the torch to melt and caramelize the sugar. It's ready when the sugar has all been melted. This is also a great way to finish off your ham after glazing it in your usual way. 

How are planning of serving your ham dish this holiday season? 


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