How To Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs With Crispy Sides And Edges

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Fried eggs are a normal part of breakfast. It's so ingrained in a typical Pinoy almusal it's part of our silog favorite meals: any meat + sinangag or garlic fried rice + fried egg or itlog

The fried egg is a basic cooking lesson that when done right, results in a simple yet filling part of a meal. The kind of fried egg you want however might need a few techniques for you to perfect. You may already know how to cook quick 10-second scrambled eggs and a cheesy omelet in 45, courtesy of Jamie Oliver. How about the perfect sunny-side-up egg?  

Want to learn how to make crispy-edged sunny-side-up eggs? You'll need tools and a little cooking know-how. Here are the tools any fried egg recipe needs:

  • • nonstick pan
  • • spatula
  • • oil
  • • egg

You'll see it cooked in this way unintentionally sometimes when someone left the pan on the heat for too long or if you see a fast-moving vendor cook fried rice on the street. To make the crispy-edged fried egg like they do, the trick is to use more oil than you normally would use and to heat up the pan hotter than normal

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How to cook crispy fried eggs: 

  1. 1 Heat a nonstick pan over high heat. 
  2. 2 Add 1/4 cup oil or enough to cover the surface of the pan, and let it heat up. 
  3. 3 Crack egg into a bowl. Gently place the egg in the hot oil when it starts to shimmer.  
  4. 4 Let cook for 5 seconds over High heat. Swirl the oil or use a spatula to move the egg around gently so the bottom doesn't scorch as it continues to cook.  
  5. 5 Cook depending on how runny you want the yolk, and then remove from the pan. Serve immediately with salt and pepper on the side. 

Are you worried about not having a runny yolk? If you're worried about the egg yolk cooking and setting when you want a runny yolk, you can do what some do: separate the egg yolk from the egg white

The trick to this is that you can cook the egg white until crispy and then add the egg yolk to the crispy egg white in the last few seconds. This way, you get the crispy egg while still maintaining that runny golden yolk that makes our breakfast the stuff that's worthy to post on Instagram. 


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