This Is One Of The Fastest Ways To Cook Chicken

Because you need to put a meal on the table, fast.

There's a reason why so many people love eating chicken. Kids especially love it! We don't blame them. It's a fantastic ingredient after all! It's delicious, it's versatile, and it's easy to pair with almost any flavor.

Chicken fillets are fast and easy to cook!
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To help speed things up in the kitchen, you may have decided to go with boneless chicken fillets. While it's a smart move to switch to chicken fillets (which cooks faster than bone-in chicken pieces), there is a technique that will make cooking a boneless chicken fillet even faster: pounding it until it's thin


Using a meat mallet on a chicken fillet is not uncommon, and there is one recipe that stands out when one thinks of a thinly-pounded chicken fillet: the schnitzel or the escalope. While chicken isn't the traditional meat when one makes schnitzel (it's veal), the chicken version is just as popular and even more widely available to everyone. 

To make chicken schnitzel, a boneless chicken fillet, usually the chicken breast, is pounded to around 1/8-inch thickness. This not only makes the chicken extremely fast and easy to cook, but the thin layer also creates a wider area of crunch that will be formed when it's been coated with breadcrumbs and fried. 

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What you get is a thin and crunchy slab of chicken that cooks in as little as a few minutes for both sides. The chicken schnitzel is really the poster recipe for one of the fastest ways to cook chicken.

The thickness of the chicken is so thin, this chicken fillet cooks in minutes!
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Here's the recipe:

Chicken Schnitzel Recipe  

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May 30, 2016

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You can even do this same procedure-pounding the meat until thin-for a boneless pork chop! 

Pork Schnitzel Recipe 

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There are other ways to make cooking chicken fast and easy, but by taking the time and effort to prepare the chicken, you cut the cooking time of these chicken fillets to mere minutes for both sides and the resulting chicken meal is one that will still be delicious and even delivers maximum crunch.  


Here are more delicious chicken and pork recipes that are made easier, too.  


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