How To Cook Frozen Meat If You Forgot To Defrost

You may need to add more minutes to the cooking time.

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Even organized homemakers can forget to defrost the meat. Sometimes, you may have remembered to place the frozen chunk of meat in the refrigerator but discover that it hasn't defrosted enough to be cooked immediately. 

However, did you know that you can cook meat that is still frozen? In fact, you can place meat that hasn't been defrosted completely straight into the pan! 

This cooking tip is simple in theory. If the frozen meat is already prepared into the sizes and shapes that you require in your recipe, such as the adobo cut, mechado cut, and other big chunks of meat, it's easy to place this immediately into your pot and let it thaw in there. 

Cooking frozen meat in your recipe is best suited for dishes that are either braised, stewed or simmered in a broth. Frying frozen meat, apart from frozen steaks, can lead to undercooking and possibly, food poisoning so best to stick to braises, stews, and soups. The big drawback to cooking with frozen meat is that the cooking time will easily be almost twice as long as normal. This means you need to be prepared to wait a little longer for your adobo to be tender since it needs to thaw in the simmering sauce you created.  


Need to try this hack? Here's what you do: 

  1. 1 Prepare your ingredients as normal but use a large pot that is big enough to contain the frozen meat. 
  2. 2 Start cooking the recipe as indicated without using the frozen meat. 
  3. 3 When the procedure instructs you to add a liquid to braise or stew, add more liquid or even water than necessary. If simmering, add enough liquid to cover the meat when added to the pot. 
  4. 4 Bring the entire mixture to a boil then lower to a simmer. Cover. You will need to keep the liquid level at least the same height as the frozen meat is high. As soon as the chunks on the outer parts are defrosted, these will fall off so the inner frozen chunks can defrost in the simmering liquid. 
  5. 5 When all the chunks are defrosted and the mixture is again at a simmer, cook as directed in the recipe. If necessary, simmer, uncovered, and reduce the liquid to its original state. 
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This won't work as well if you're using a bigger cut of meat still that needs to be cubed, diced, or otherwise prepared. For these recipes, you'll need to defrost it enough to cut up first before trying this tip for best results. 


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