How To Cook Super Good Garlic Rice Without Burning The Garlic

The best garlic rice has no burnt garlic.

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You might already know how to make the most flavorful garlic rice. It's an easy enough dish that it's basically a no-recipe recipe! To make garlic fried rice, you just have to heat oil, brown garlic, add rice, and season to taste. 

Sounds simple right? 

It should be but one of the biggest mistakes you can do to a simple dish is mess up one of the few ingredients. In this case, it's the garlic. We bet you have burned garlic before. It's a common mistake in many households that you find yourself almost always racing against time to get the next few ingredients in the pan before the garlic is burnt. 

We have a cooking tip for you to prevent you from burning your garlic before you're ready. Plus, it doesn't require any extra time and effort to do. In fact, it may even save you time. This is what you should do: add the garlic to a cold pan

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There is more than one good reason to do this. There are at least two reasons: 

  1. 1 You infuse the oil with the garlic as it heats up. 
  2. 2 The garlic gently cooks and browns as the oil heats up.

This means you do not have to wait for the oil or even the pan to heat up before starting your dish! You can add the oil and the garlic to the pan as soon as you place it on the stovetop. Turn on the heat to Low, and let the pan heat up and the garlic slowly infuse the oil. 


You can prepare the rest of your ingredients on the side or hover over the frying pan as the tapalongganisa, or the sunny-side-up egg cooks on the other burner. Once the garlic reaches the beautiful golden brown stage, add the rice, and continue cooking as desired. 

While this method is almost fool-proof, never leave your pan on when you're heating it up. It can still burn if left unattended after all. As long as you are vigilant, you can make a flavorful and appetizing garlic fried rice to pair with almost any meal, including breakfast. 


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