10 Kitchen Skills You Need To Level Up Your #Adulting Skills

#Adult like a boss.

Remember when we were kids who wanted to be adults? Funny, right? Being an adult is hard and cooking can be one of the most intimidating tasks one can face. But cooking is also one of the greatest joys you can have as an adult. In the kitchen, you get to create a delicious experience for you and your loved ones. You'll have control with what you want to eat, how you want it to taste like, and no one can tell you to not have dessert for breakfast. Plus, you get the satisfaction of churning out something delicious that you made yourself! #Adulting may be hard, but it can also be deeply rewarding.

Here are the kitchen skills you need to get started on so you can #adult like a boss.

Don't let your kids handle the stove before they're ready.
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1 Practice safety first!

Are you scared of the kitchen? We get it. It's basically a hot box of heavy machinery and flammables. But every situation in life can pose a danger, it's just a matter of knowing what to do when something bad happens. You'll find in this article what to do in case of a kitchen fire, or glass breaking.

The basic skills to kitchen safety should be ingrained into every single person-even if you don't plan on cooking.

Some recipes like steak, really only need salt to be delicious.
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2 Season and taste at every step.

Don't be afraid of salt, and learn how a pinch of it affects the taste. Whenever you add an ingredient to your pot, pinch some salt and add it in. After all, you want every part of your dish to be flavorful. Samin Nosrat in her Netflix Show Salt Fat Acid Heat goes so far as to season meat as soon she brings them home, while it's still raw so it's perfectly seasoned even before it hits a pan. (However, be careful not to taste anything raw.)

When you do start seasoning and tasting, just listen to your senses. Does it need a little crispiness, a little sourness, or just a touch of sweetness? Your tongue knows all you have to do to make it taste good so pay attention to it and adjust your seasoning accordingly.

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3 Master your knives.

Part of the cooking process is spending time using your knives. Prepping, after all, is all about chopping those ingredients that will go into your dish. That's why it's important to master your knife skills so you can speed up your cooking prep. Even learning how to properly hold a knife will save you a world of trouble.

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4 Practice with eggs.

Eggs are nutritious, delicious, and cheap! This makes them ideal for quick meals any time of the day but these orbs are also necessary to help you become comfortable with using your stove and pan and learning how to season.

5 Learn the classic adobo.

Adobo isn't just the recipe of home, but it's also an extremely useful recipe. If you live alone, cooking adobo once can mean several meals over the course of a few days thanks to adobo's way of preserving meat. More importantly, it's such an easy recipe that if you are a beginner cook, feeding your parents, siblings, or friends your very first adobo will make you feel like you've cooked an actual dish-not just an egg or hotdog, or a reheated canned good. 


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6 Up your rice game.

As a Filipino, a satisfying meal has to have rice. It's a dish you'll be cooking for the rest of your life, so make sure you do it well. Even if you've made a promise never to eat rice again, other people you may cook for will appreciate if you can cook proper rice. Yes, you can easily use a rice cooker to painlessly cook rice, but learning how to cook rice on the stove will prepare you to cook rice in other people's kitchens, when the rice cooker gives up, or when the electricity's down and all you have is a gas stove.


Another vital rice lesson? Fried rice. This means quick meals from leftovers-an invaluable skill.

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7 Get comfy frying with this fried chicken fingers recipe.

Easier than making fried chicken and better for your baon, chicken fingers will also help you get comfortable with deep frying. It's a useful recipe that you will forever use. You'll also be easily able to dress it up in different ways with different kinds of dip so it never gets boring.


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8 Learn how to measure ingredients properly.

If you're going to start following recipes, then you need to know how to properly measure ingredients. Your ability to produce the same product, especially if you're baking, all hinges on getting your measurements right.

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9 Master pasta.

The process of learning to make good pasta will open you up to possibilities by teaching you how to adjust or create recipes on the fly depending on taste and ingredients available. By simply mastering the perfect way to boil pasta (al dente is preferred) and the million ways you are free to make your sauce, you will discover the freedom and ease of cooking pasta at any time of the day.

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10 Make cleanliness a habit.

It's easier to start building the habit now than trying to break bad habits. When you're cooking, cleanliness is super important. It makes for a safer, less chaotic environment, but more importantly, it guarantees the food you and your loved ones eat are safe. "Clean as you go" is the saying so you should be wiping away spills as you make them. Handle your raw meats properly, and learn to not dip your tasting spoon twice into the pot are just examples of how you can avoid cross contamination and keep your food and your area clean and safe. These are just a few ways to practice cleanliness in the kitchen, so read on for more tips.

It's never too late to fall in love with cooking because there's always this motivation to do so: great food. Unleashing your potential in the kitchen isn't just for the sake of learning a chore, but also for the sake of finding a new source of joy in something you need to do anyway for most of your days as an adult. When you embrace cooking, you'll find a new comforting space in your home apart from your bedroom.


Yes, #adulting is hard but when it comes to all things kitchen-related, it's very much worth the extra effort to make it an easier, better chore that you will look forward to doing, rather than dreading.

Cooking newbie Jimpy learns how to cook bistek from food editor Roselle.
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Another great way to start your cooking journey? Check out our cook show, Cooking With Newbies!


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