Different And Delicious Ways to Use Longganisa In Recipes

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Longganisa is common breakfast food. It's our version of the sausages served with pancakes or with the rest of the food in the massive full English breakfast

The local sausage however has many versions. It ranges from the sweet, bacon-like flavors that you associate with tocino in the hamonado longganisa recipes to the garlicky and peppery recipes that you may find in the Vigan longganisa. You may even find herbs tossed in such as oregano that you'll taste in the Lucban longganisa

Whichever longganisa you like to eat, there are many ways to enjoy it beyond the breakfast plate. Longganisa can be just as versatile an ingredient in the kitchen as ground pork and it's tastier, too. Here's what you can do to longganisa and recipes to try that you might not have thought to cook: 

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1 Crumble it and add to fried rice. 

Hash basically means meat that has been cut up into small pieces and added to a dish, usually with potatoes. This is what you normally would do when you cook corned beef. However, you can easily crumble the meat of the longganisa instead and use that. Simply remove the casing or using skinless longganisa links, and add this to your dish. You'll enjoy the savory bits of longganisa you'll find in this fried rice recipe.   

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2 Mix it with ground meat.  

Lumpia is commonly stuffed with ground meat, but you won't find one that's as tasty as this one! This recipe uses longganisa that's been removed from the casing. This makes the bulk of the flavoring for the meaty filling. Combined with the usual carrots, garlic, and onions, these tasty fried spring rolls are sure to make you dunk these in vinegar rather than the usual sweet chili sauce. 

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3 Roll it up into lumpia.  

Did you know that you can make chorizo from scratch? You can and the best part is that it's a skinless and loose kind of longganisa recipe that you can easily make at home. It doesn't need any casing at all if you roll it up in lumpia wrappers! If you love tangy, spicy longganisa, this is one to try.  

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4 Add it to pasta sauce. 

Longganisa, whether sweet or savory, is usually flavored with garlic. This makes it perfect for adding to tomato-based pasta sauces. You can use either the sweet or the savory version if you're adding it to a tomato sauce, especially if you like your pasta on the sweeter side.

If you prefer it more savory, use the garlicky longganisa versions and toss it in instead of using ground meat. This is perfect for tomato-based or even cream-based pasta sauces! You'll want to do this before you season so you can adjust your seasoning according to the flavor of the longganisa you use. You can even just crumble the longganisa and make an oil-based pasta sauce, too! 

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5 Use it as pizza toppings. 

Some pizzas don't use pepperoni. Instead, some use crumbled sausage on top and this is where you can get creative. Crumble up or finely chop up cooked longganisa links and use these to top your pizza. 

You can use different longganisa, too, or pair it up with caramelized onions, itlog na pula, or tinapa instead of anchovies! 

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6 Use it as a burger patty.  

You have probably heard of the famous chori burger, especially if you've visited Boracay. Why not recreate that signature good eats from the islands at home? It's easy to make if you have the ingredients. The good news is that it is easy to source the ingredients you need. Then it's just a matter of putting those ingredients to make the patties (or you can make this kind of chorizo instead) and add the vegetables and dressings.  

These ideas and recipes should prove that longganisa can be a versatile ingredient! How do you like to use the different kinds of longganisa in your recipes? 


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