Here's Another Delicious Way To Cook Menudo

Not everyone loves pork liver.

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The menudo is a classic Filipino dish. It's a quick-cooking pork stew that is traditionally tomato-based. It's basically pork cubes cut small with potatoes, carrots, raisins, and pork liver chunks. The sauce is seasoned with soy sauce to give it that classic dark orange color that makes it different from the afritada sauce. The raisins give the stew and the sauce a sweetness that you can't get from plain sugar. 

If you love menudo, you know all this already. However, even the most die-hard menudo lovers may avoid this ingredient: pork liver. 

Pork liver is what gives the menudo a depth of flavor that can't be easily mimicked. Liver tastes like iron or something metallic on your tastebuds. It's earthy in both taste and texture, with a mealy feel even when ground up. It's these characteristics of liver that make many people steer clear of this pork cut. 

However, when left out, dishes usually lose that inherent taste and texture that only liver can bring to a dish. If you avoid the chunks of the liver in your menudo recipe, this is what you should use instead: liver spread. 

Liver spread can be the secret ingredient you need to add to your dish.
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It's a genius idea if you think about it. The liver spread is a canned ingredient that not many of us think of using beyond adding it to kaldereta. It not only makes the sauce of your menudo nice and thick, but it adds the taste of liver to the dish without it being so powerful a flavor that you want to avoid it.


In fact, by using this ingredient instead of fresh liver, you can make it easy on yourself whenever you have a craving! The only fresh ingredients you need is pork, carrots, and potatoes. Everything else is easy to keep stocked in your kitchen for when you're ready to give into the craving and make it. 

Just add 1 small 85-gram can liver spread to your menudo after the pork is tender so it can help thicken and absorb any excess liquid that's remaining in the dish. Not a fan of liver spread at all? You can start with just 1 tablespoon to give it that taste and texture. 

Need more tips when making your menudo? Read on to find out what else you can do with your menudo recipe: 


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