Here Are Some of Nigella Lawson’s Tips for Cooking Great Pasta Dishes

The popular food personality and best-selling cookbook author lets us in on her tried-and-tested kitchen tricks.

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Mastering cooking pasta can make your whole life a lot easier and a whole lot healthier. You might be thinking twice because it's easier to fall back on rice, but thankfully, we have celebrity chef Nigella Lawson to help us. Take some tips from her and you'll be making mouth-watering pasta dishes on the fly: 


1 Make pasta, olive oil, and lemons your kitchen staples.

"Pasta, olive oil, and lemons-it's all about simplicity and flavor. I learned to cook the Italian way, and what revolutionized my cooking is this: They don't go for tricks; it's always about simplicity that is based on having utter respect for the ingredients. It's not about having a secret ingredient, either, but rather using ingredients with the absolute best flavor."

2 Serve pasta fast by embracing canned goods!

"Just because you're short on time doesn't mean you should be short on flavor. There's nothing wrong with using canned products-even Italians use them! I keep bottled sauces in my kitchen and on busy nights, it's good to know I have those to boost my cooking. My philosophy is maximum flavor for minimum effort!"

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The 3 secrets to boiling pasta?


"There are three things I remember when cooking pasta. First, use copious amounts of water to boil the pasta, or else the noodles will bring down the temperature of the water and take too long to come back to a boil."

2 "Second, the water you cook the pasta in should be as salty as the Mediterranean."

3 "And third, you must save a cupful of the pasta cooking water from the pan before draining and add a spoonful as you toss the noodles in the sauce to help it amalgamate."

Cooking pasta couldn't be simpler with these tips. It will make a difference to how easy and how delicious it is to eat pasta as often as you want. Live the simple but refined life like Nigella. Why not, just like her, after the end of a long day, indulge in her favorite comfort food, "a bowl of pasta?"


Article was published in the November 2016 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits were made by editors.

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