How To Cook Pochero In 3 Different Ways

You can have it soupy, saucy, and extra chunky!

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Your pochero meal at home can have saba, green beans, cabbage, and pork and chicken pieces in a luscious tomato sauce. It can also have just some of these ingredients. That's because when it comes to home cooking, you are the boss of your dish. 

You can also change a recipe all you want! That's one of the best things about cooking at home. Recipes are really just guides to what you want to cook, but when you have ingredients that you want to add or remove, it's still up to you whether you do so or not. 

Just to prove that one recipe can be made different, here are three ways to cook and enjoy a pochero


1 For a tomato-based pochero 

The ingredients of this stew include tomato sauce, saba bananas, and bok choy to make it a satisfying and hearty meal. Add more broth or water to make a soupy version like this one or simmer it down to create a more saucy version. The bananas and a little sugar add a sweet flavor to the dish, making it a delicious surprise. Plus, this recipe makes use of all three meat-pork, beef, and chicken-so you don't have to choose whether you can one or the other!

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Nov 20, 2015

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2 For a soupy, lemony pochero 

In the southern part of the country like Cebu, the pochero is different. Not only is this a soup recipe but the ingredients are different. It's a beefy recipe but it also has fresh corn, ginger, and lemongrass which gives the dish a wonderfully fresh, citrus flavor that's very different from the tomato-based version. 

Want to use chicken? We think this version would be fantastic as a chicken pochero, too! 

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3 For a super chunky and saucy pochero 

If you're the type who loves it when you can spoon the sauce over your rice, you will want to go for this version of the pochero. It's similar to the pochero with tomato sauce but with one big difference: it uses a can of pork and beans with the tomato sauce. This results in a pochero dish that is not only savory delicious but also subtly sweet with creamy baked beans that are scooped up along with the sauce.  

What's your favorite version of the pochero? 


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