Delicious Ways To Cook Pork + Gata

Coconut milk just makes pork dishes even more delicious.

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Coconut milk makes pork dishes even more delicious. When you combine these two ingredients in a dish, the sweetness of the coconut is a delicious contrast to the savory, meaty taste of the pork. 

Coconut milk may be the common kind of coconut milk you will find but there is also coconut cream which is a thicker and more creamy ingredient. How do you know which kind of gata to use in a recipe? Here are a few key points to remember: 

  1. 1 Use kakang gata or coconut cream for stews, braises, and saucy dishes. 
  2. 2 Use gata or coconut milk for soups and dishes that are more liquid or require liquid.  
  3. 3 Use what is listed in the recipe. 

The third option is easy to understand but if you are ever confused about what to use, use this as a quick guide. The reasoning behind these distinctions in use is because the two kinds of gata have different consistencies. This makes a difference in the kind of dish it will produce. The creamier kakang gata is best to use when you need to simmer dishes such as stews and braises. This gata contains less water and will make reducing the liquid in your dish easier and faster. 


Here's a handy tip to know: If you need coconut milk but only coconut cream is available, you can dilute coconut cream to become coconut milk since coconut milk is basically the diluted or watered-down version of coconut cream. 

With this knowledge, you're ready to make some deliciously creamy pork dishes! Here are ideas on how to make pork dishes creamy using gata

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1 Pork Binagoongan sa Gata Recipe

Pork sautéed in bagoong alamang or shrimp fermented paste and simmered in coconut cream is a delectable way of marrying these two ingredients together. The bagoong doesn't make the pork taste fishy but instead, elevates the savory flavors of the pork. Gata and bagoong is a classic combo as well in many Asian recipes and it makes this pork binagoongan especially tasty. 

Try this recipe using pork chunks or you can also use leftover lechon kawali to give this dish a delicious fried taste and crunchy texture. 


2 Pork and Beans Gata Recipe 

Don't be deceived by the name! This "pork and beans" recipe doesn't have any of that canned tomato-based baked beans in it. Instead, this recipe is literally pork and beans, specifically green beans. It's a giniling na baboy recipe simmered in a little gata with green beans added to make it more appetizing and hearty to eat. 

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3 Gising Gising Recipe 

Also known as ground pork and green beans in a spicy coconut sauce, this recipe is a classic one that is similar to the pork and beans gata recipe above. The difference is that this is more about the bean than it is about the pork. You can even change up the kind of green bean you use in the recipe! 

Choose to use hearty Baguio green beans, string beans or the sitaw, the winged beans or sigarilyas, or use a combination of any of these beans for your dish. You can even add in some chopped kang kong stems to "beef" up the dish with the tender stems. Whatever you choose, we're sure it will be super delicious! 

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4 Bicol Express Recipe 

If there's one thing that can make a pork and coconut milk dish even more appetizing, it's making it spicy! For this, you can thank those in Bicol who love adding spicy siling labuyo (or whatever spicy chili they may have) to their gata-based dishes. 

You can use chunky pork cubes for your Bicol Express or you can fry and then simmer pork porks in the spicy coconut sauce. Choose your pork! 

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5 Meatballs in Coconut Curry Recipe

Using coconut milk to make curry is a common way of using it. This is especially true for those who love Indian food! If you get tired of the same old chicken curry recipe you grew up with, why not try a different kind of curry? 

This curry is still luscious and silky in taste but with the added bonus of using juicy pork meatballs instead of pork cubes, beef, or even chicken. You can even make the meatballs extra special with a burst of flavor by using some sinigang sa sampaloc mix to flavor the ground pork. 

These are just a few ideas on how to make gata and pork work in recipes. Got ideas on how your mix the two ingredients together in a recipe? Drop us a comment so we can try it, too. 


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