Everything You Need to Know About Cooking Steak

We rounded up all our best steak tips and recipes!

Steak is the ultimate treat: juicy, tender, and crazy tasty. There are also plenty of ways to cook it! Read through all our best prep tips for steak, as well as steak recipes that guide you through every step of the process. It’s a dish that is often meant for special occasions—make sure get it right when you cook steak at home!



1 Know how to prep your steak before cooking it.

Prep work is extra important when it comes to steak—from taking note of the meat’s temperature to know when to be patient, here are our best prep tips when it comes to steak:


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It only takes a few simple steps.




2 Follow each step carefully.

Do your homework! Read the recipe, all its steps and ingredients properly and more than once to make sure that you know each step by heart. Steak waits for no one, and you don’t want to be scrambling for things that you need when you could have prepped in advance. Read our tips on how to cook a melt-in-your-mouth steak here:


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Channel your inner chef and make restaurant-quality steak at home with these tips!



3 Season boldly and remember, you can serve steak with a sauce.

Make things fun in the kitchen by going all salt-bae on your steak: it needs to be aggressively seasoned with flaky kosher salt and freshly-cracked black pepper. Sauces can make the dish much more interesting, too. Try these ideas and recipes for your next steak night:


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Slather these sauces over your steaks when they are fresh off the grill!



4 Don’t forget the sides.

Steak loves company! You can serve steak with potatoes, crispy veggies, or even eggs. Try this easy steak with potatoes recipe: 


This hearty steak with potatoes recipe brings the steakhouse experience to your dinner table.



5 Don’t stick to stovetop steaks—use your grill!

Grilled steak are in a league of their own. Use charcoal to get that distinct smoky taste on your meat, and season with lots of salt, too. You can also grill vegetables to serve on the side. Here's a grilled steak recipe to start with: 



Give grilled steak an Asian makeover at your next cookout.



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Here is a quick look at the different cuts of beef and what they are used for.

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