Yes, You Can Cook With Beer!

Your favorite drink can also be your favorite secret ingredient!

Did you know that beer also works wonders when used as an ingredient? Cooking with beer is something you should embrace. The deep bittersweet flavor notes of beer complexify and layer flavors so well and the high acidity lets it act as a tenderizing, delicious marinade. Here are our recipes you can make with a can or less.

Worried about minors sampling your cooking? Don’t fret! The alcohol content will evaporate with heat.

1 Steak with Beer Caramelized Onions Recipe

This tender delicious steak goes so well with juicy, sweet caramelized onions. Beer helps break down the onions to achieve that perfect texture while also giving smoky notes.

Pair your New York strip steak with sweet and boozy caramelized onions.


2 Beer-battered Fish Tacos

Add beer to your batter for the perfect crisp! Not only that, but it'll taste better too. What goes best with these crispy treats? A good, ice-cold pint, of course.

Have a tasty taco fiesta!

3 Bacon Beer Mussels

Beer’s bittersweet notes bring out the inherent sweetness from seafood. We know you probably have a go-to mussel recipe already—but it’s good to change it up because we’re sure you’ll like this better.

Serve with warm crusty bread for mopping up all the delicious sauce and juices.


4 Shrimp in Lemon Sauce Recipe

The lemon-beer sauce freshens up those tender, sweet shrimps in the most delectable way. Don’t miss out on this one!

This simple shrimp recipe is swimming in a tangy lemon-beer sauce.

5 Beer-Braised Beef Recipe

Beer is a great, flavorful tenderizer for your meats. Use it for this decadent beef recipe.

Braising your beef in beer gives it a well-rounded flavor.



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