5 New Ways to Make Simple Dinners Like Pork Adobo and Beef Stew More Exciting

Need to make a special dinner this weekend? All you have to do is tweak your recipe.

Food always makes special occasions more festive—whether you’re celebrating a birthday, toasting to an anniversary, hosting a weekend party, or cooking just for kicks. However, weekend entertaining and fancy celebratory dinners can make you weak in the knees—especially if you’re the one cooking.


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There is no need to fret: all you have to do is treat this dinner like a regular weekday dinner, and do a few recipe tweaks here and there. Here are our favorite fast weeknight dinners with a few ingredient swaps or additions only!




1 Adobo

Try: Rosemary and Balsamic Adobo


This Rosemary and Balsamic Adobo is just like the classic, but with a simple ingredient swap. Balsamic vinegar still has that strong acidic kick that cooks off and leaves you with a rich, dark sauce. Add rosemary for a classic flavor pairing! 


Adobo, a dish that is proudly Filipino, is given a fun and unique twist in this recipe.





2 Beef Stew

Try: Red Wine Beef Stew


Dress up your good ol' beef stew by letting it braise in red wine. It'll reduce into a thick sauce with lots of depth in flavor. Let this Red Wine Beef Stew braise slowly so that the beef chunks turn tender. 


Wine and coffee give this beef stew a lovely depth of flavor





3 Roast Chicken

Try: Stuffed Roast Chicken


What makes a classic roast chicken even better? Stuffing, of course! This chicken stuffing uses a mix of paprika, cumin, oregano, raisins, and more. Make this Stuffed Roast Chicken for special Sunday family dinners. Everyone will enjoy digging into it! 


Fragrant herbs and spices make every bite a party in your mouth!




4 Mac and Cheese

Try: Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil



Classic macaroni and cheese is as simple as it gets...until you add a dash of truffle oil to it. Is there anything more luxurious you can add to one of the easiest recipes out there? This Luxe Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil will do the trick when you have unexpected guests come over. You don't even have to try! 


This extra-rich mac and cheese is gooey, thanks to the five cheeses and truffle oil!





5 Chicken Satay

Try: Chicken Satay with Nasi Goreng


Chicken satay is simple and straightforward. All it needs is a good rub of turmeric and a hot grill. Dress up this dish by pairing it with flavorful Indonesian fried rice, or nasi goreng. This chicken and rice dish is packed with flavor! Plus, it doesn't take much effort to whip up at all. Need a festive dish for an outdoor or garden party? This Chicken Satay with Nasi Goreng will definitely satisfy. 


This Indonesian classic is packed with bold flavors.



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