This Frying Trick Will Help Speed Up Cooking

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We all know the dreaded talsik is one of the many reasons why many home cooks dread frying food. Even if the food they're frying is their favorite food, the oily splatters that come with frying in a lot of hot oil can frighten even the bravest of hearts. It really does hurt when a drop of hot oil lands on your skin. That's why we don't blame you if you're afraid to fry! 

However, there are benefits to learning how to fry food right. You're usually rewarded with some of the crispiest and juiciest fried chicken you'll bite into. While fried chicken is one of the most common recipes you'll make in a lot of hot oil, the circumstances that lead to you to frying can be tweaked so you're not in danger of any splatters.

One way of preventing the splatters is by placing a lid on the frying pan while frying. This will definitely reduce the chances of the oil splattering and landing on your skin but more than that, did you know that you may be speeding up the cooking

Place a lid on the frying pan while frying in hot oil to prevent oil splatters.
Photo by Majoy Siason
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By placing a lid on the frying pan while the oil is hot and the meat you're cooking is in the hot oil, you stop the oil splatters but you also create a mini pressurized and super hot area in the spot between the oil and the lid. Think of this contained space where the trapped hot air between the oil and the lid from both the moisture from the chicken and the hot oil like an oven. If you have an air fryer, you get the idea. The hot air will help in cooking your food faster while keeping it moist. 


Once it's cooked through, all you have have to do is take off the lid, cook both sides again in the hot oil without the lid just to make sure that the outside is as crispy as it should be and you're ready to serve. 

Try this simple kitchen trick the next time you cook your favorite fried chicken recipe or something else that you love fried. You'll be glad that you minimize oil splatters as well as cook your food a little faster, too. 


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