Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Dishes Into Low-Fat Meals

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First things first: fat is essential in both cooking and baking. It serves many purposes-from heat transfer, to emulsions, to flavor, to ease of cooking in different kinds of surfaces-fat makes our lives in the kitchen more efficient, delicious, and nutritious.



There is a difference, however, between healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Small changes in the kitchen can be made to limit the amount of unhealthy fats we put into our bodies by substituting them with healthier options that can easily be found in the grocery. Here are 5 ideas to easily convert a regular recipe into a low-fat recipe in an instant.


1 Substitute mayonnaise and sour cream with Greek yogurt.  


What's great about this ingredient swap is that you will barely notice the difference-or you may even like the yogurt option better! When it comes to dressings, sauces, and even baked goods, mayonnaise can feel heavy and oily and sour cream can feel a little too rich. Both are richer fats that are higher in calories. Yogurt keeps dressings light, fresh, and tangy. If you want to keep the consistency very thick opt for protein-rich Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt.





2 Cook with turkey at least once a week.


Turkey has a reputation for being a super lean meat-why not switch it out with your beef and pork at least once a week? You can roast a whole one, purchase turkey ham at the deli, or even find frozen ground turkey in specialty stores. Your recipe options are endless, too: salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, and more.




3 Bake with applesauce instead of butter.


We know how horrible it sounds to take the butter out of baking, but trust us-applesauce works wonders! As long as you purchase the non-sweetened, natural bottles of applesauce, you'll be cutting down calories in fat by a large percentage. Plus, applesauce keeps cakes and cookies soft and moist. The ingredient swap is simple. When using butter, switch out half of the total amount of butter with applesauce. 

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4 Cook with egg whites.  


This ingredient makeover is simple. Simple separate the yolks from the egg whites when making breakfast omelets and frittatas and you'll be easily cutting back on an extra dose of fat and cholesterol.  Do not throw away the yolks: keep them in the freezer to make other baked goods or sauces.





5 Shop for nut-based milk instead of cow milk.



There are tons of options you can purchase to cut back on your full-fat milk intake. Almond milk, for one, is cholesterol-free and is an excellent source of protein and calcium. Other non-dairy options include rice milk, soy milk, hazelnut milk, and cashew milk. All of these are available in every major grocery and Healthy Options branches in Metro Manila.




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