WATCH: This Is How You Make Adobong Atay Ng Manok

Chicken liver is what makes this adobo creamy.

Your favorite chicken adobo recipe just got more creamy, and it's all because of the atay ng manok, or chicken livers, that make up this dish. Just to keep it from being a one-note dish, chunks of chicken breast fillets are tossed in to give you a meaty bite, too.

Anyone who actually likes chicken livers will appreciate that this adobo recipe is almost totally made up of liver. You won't have to fish around the plate looking for the errant creamy chunks. Instead, you'll have to dig through it to get the meaty chunks instead! The attached hearts are the bursts of chewy meatiness together with the chunks of chicken breast fillets among the liver. 

If you've never given chicken livers a chance, try this version. We think this is a great introduction to the delicious way that liver-whether you use chicken, pork, or beef liver-can be prepared. Try it now using this recipe: 


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