All The Different Ways To Make Bacolod’s Inasal Recipe

This simple chicken recipe can be made in many ways.

The inasal is a famous Visayan barbecue recipe. The typical chicken inasal recipe has a marinade that has notes of lemongrass, coconut vinegar, and soy sauce, plus the subtle flavors of the annatto oil that it is basted with. It’s an inherently simple recipe that uses the ingredient indigenous to its area. What makes the chicken inasal so delicious can be the tweaks made to the recipe.

Did you know that the typical Pinoy barbecue marinade has soda in it? It contains a clear lemon-lime soda, such as Sprite or 7-Up, in the marinade to help tenderize the pork as well as make a great-tasting marinade ingredient. This ingredient is also a great way to add flavor to a chicken inasal recipe and many recipes do. 

Another of these unique ingredient tweaks is in the annatto oil. Typically made by simmering atsuete seeds in vegetable oil to extract the reddish-orange dye, this oil is what makes the chicken inasal so vibrantly orange-yellow in color. However, the best chicken inasal recipe isn’t one that makes its annatto oil in this traditional way. The secret to the best tasting chicken inasal is the margarine that’s made into or is added to the annatto oil. 

Just think about how the buttery, salty, and umami-loaded margarine can elevate the otherwise bland but colorful oil you’ll use to baste the chicken in. The result is in a super flavorful chicken inasal

These are just two unique ways of making your Bacolod-style chicken inasal recipe super flavorful and delicious! Care to find out more ideas on how to make your chicken inasal tasty every time? Here are recipes to help you discover that there really are many ways to make chicken inasal:  

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1 Chicken Inasal Recipe  

You can’t go wrong with a classic chicken inasal recipe by a local! This is the basic chicken inasal recipe you need to try if you’ve never tried the recipe before or want to give the classic version a taste. 

Annatto seeds or atsuete seeds aren’t always available, so for those who want to experiment with another kind of ingredient that can give your food a brilliant yellow hue, turmeric or luyang dilaw is a great alternative that’s one of the world’s oldest natural food dyes.      


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Photo by Miguel Nacianceno | Styling by Rachelle Santos

2 Grilled Chicken with Sinamak Sauce Recipe 

The marinade for this grilled chicken seeks to achieve a flavor that is similar to chicken inasal. This is a simplified version that creates a vibrantly hued but flavored annatto oil that serves as the marinade as well as the mixture to use to baste the chicken as it’s grilled. No need to make two separate mixtures!

Plus, the flavorful sinamak or spiced vinegar that’s served with this inihaw na manok recipe will win over anyone who loves a great tasting grilled chicken meal.

Photo by Toto Labrador

3 Inasal-Style Wings Recipe 

The marinade is what makes these chicken wing super tasty from the inside out. What you may not notice is that these are glazed wings. While the inasal-style mariande flavors the meat, the soy sauce-calamansi aka toyomansi glaze is what will give these wings a lip-smacking quality that you’ll become addicted to. 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 Pork Inasal Recipe 

While the obvious meat for the traditional inasal is chicken, the inasal marinade is so flavorful that it can stand up to other meats, too. You can use pork so that it’s just as flavorful and delicious as the chicken version. We use pork chops to make a quick-cooking version but you can let the marinade sink in and tenderize other pork cuts, too.     

Photo by Erwin Obcemea

5 Bangus Inasal Recipe 

We bet you didn’t think you could make a fish version of an inasal. If you think about it, daing na bangus is a similar marinade to the inasal with a few differences: the daing usually contains a lot of garlic where the inasal uses lemongrass or tanglad to be its complementary flavor of the vinegar. That’s why the inasal marinade is just as great as a marinade for bangus as it is with the typical daing marinade recipe.    


Photo by Patrick Martires

6 Grilled Shrimp Inasal Recipe

When it comes to seafood, shrimp is a decadent choice. For these sweet, tender bites, the inasal marinade will give it a touch of sourness that not only flavors the succulent shrimp but also tenderizes it, too. What make these grilled shrimps really delicious and irresistible is that the inasal flavor is not only used as a marinade but it is also the sauce that’s served on the side.   


Are there other meats you want to try using the inasal marinade with? Is there an ingredient tweak that you like to do to your inasal recipe that makes it super flavorful and tasty, too? Let these simple ideas of inasal recipe tweaks to make your own version of this classic Bacolod grilled chicken recipe.



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