WATCH: How to Make Batangas-style Goto

If you love the goto served in Batangas, this is a recipe you can try at home.

If you haven't tried the goto that's served in Batangas, you might get surprised: it's not the same goto you're used to. The Batangas goto is not a rice porridge. It's actually a tripe soup made with beef and pork innards, beef shanks, ginger, and vinegar. It's a warm comforting bowl with sour and earthy flavors that make for a unique dish. Game to try making it at home? Try this recipe:

Drown lots of steamed rice in this hearty, comforting soup!

It's best served with rice on the side. Adding in pig's blood is totally optional!


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You have to taste it to believe it!

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Rice porridge goes by a lot of names, but it's not just the name that's different.

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It's a soup, rather than a porridge.

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