WATCH: These California Rolls Are Easy To Make At Home

These fusion sushi rolls are sweet, salty, and delicious.

The California Maki is really to make. Also called a maki sushi roll, the California Roll is an inside-out sushi. It’s inside out because the nori, or seaweed wrapper, when rolled, is found inside the roll instead of on the outside of the roll as is more common with most sushi. 

The ingredients are easy to source here but if you’re having trouble finding all you need at your local major supermarket, your best bet is the nearest Japanese grocery, especially for the seasoned capelin roe or the orange fish roe that you find on the outside of these brightly colored rolls. 

What makes this different from other maki rolls from Japan are the components of this sushi. It still has the nori seaweed wrapper, the Japanese sushi rice, and even the imitation crab sticks or surimi, but it also has a few ingredients that are not so usual. Stuffed with fresh mango slivers and cucumber sticks, these ingredients are not the traditional ingredients of other Japanese sushi. 

The creation of this popular roll has been attributed to several chefs but what is common among all these theories is the fact that this particular sushi roll was not created in Japan. That could explain why the ingredients are so different from your usual sushi.

Excited to make your own version of this Japanese restaurant staple? Here’s the recipe: 

We have many Japanese-inspired recipes! Pick your favorite dish and learn how to make it by watching the recipe video: 


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