WATCH: How To Make Cheese Sticks

Ooozing cheese is what you'll get with each bite from this easy cheese sticks recipe.


Who doesn't love cheese? It's salty, creamy, savory, and best of all, it becomes all gooey and melted when hot. Wrap sticks of cheese into a crispy coating, and you've just made one of the most addictive snacks you will ever make: cheese sticks! 


Cheese sticks, however, may sound like it's easy to cook but you may end up with oozing cheese out of its crispy wrappers before you even take it out of the frying pan. To prevent this, the key is to make sure that the cheese is chilled before frying. This crucial step will keep the cheese from oozing out before you've bitten into one. 



Cheese Sticks


Takes 20 minutes

Makes 16 rolls


2 (185 grams) blocks processed cheese, sliced into 16 sticks

16 small lumpia wrappers, separated 

1 large egg, beaten

Oil, for frying

Mayonnaise, to serve 


1 Cut cheese into 16 sticks using a lightly buttered knife on a cutting board. Set aside. 


2 Lay one lumpia wrapper on the cutting board. Place a cheese stick onto the edge closest to you. Brush the egg onto the edges of the lumpia wrapper. Roll the cheese in the wrapper tightly, sealing the edges with more egg wash as needed. Repeat with the remaining cheese sticks. Chill for 30 minutes or freeze until ready to cook. 



3  Heat a frying pan over medium heat with enough oil to reach halfway up the sides. Once hot, add the cheese sticks. Lightly brown sticks on all sides before removing from the pan and draining on a wire rack. Serve immediately with mayonnaise on the side.



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