COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Make Cheesy Embutido

This newbie cook learns the secret to making his favorite embutido cheesy and delicious.

A recipe that has a long list of ingredients is not hard to make! The only thing that a long list does is make it that much more flavorful. You get all the benefits of the flavors of each ingredient, making it super flavorful and appetizing to eat. You get a more complex flavor than from a recipe that only has a few ingredients in it. 

However, all those ingredients also make the prep work longer. You will have to chop, slice, dice, and mince those ingredients but when it comes to the embutido recipe, all that hard work certainly pays off.

That's one of the lessons Nikko Tuazon, lifestyle editor and expert fryer, learned when he let himself be coached through the making of one his favorite dishes: an embutido recipe.

This cheesy embutido is easy to make and newbie cook Nikko made it himself.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

With the help of food editor Roselle Miranda, Nikko got through the entire process of making the embutido easily. However, this cheesy embutido recipe makes enough for a big party! We don't need to make that many so for this recipe, we cut the recipe in half so it's more manageable for anyone to make it. 

While making this recipe, Nikko learned the tips he needed to know to use a knife safely and effectively. He discovered that the embutido, despite the long list of ingredients, is easy to make because, once it's made, it's easy to cook since it's just steamed

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Nikko also learned that this isn't your typical embutido recipe. 

He learned how this embutido recipe is made more special using a secret ingredient that's no longer so secret: powdered milk. The powdered milk is essential in making this meatloaf roll not only cheesier, but also creamier. Nikko had one taste of the embutido, and you can see from his expression how delicious it is. 


Plus, Nikko not only learned how to make his favorite embutido, but he can now also make a big batch of these meatloaf rolls with more confidence. 

You can make it, too! Here's the recipe: 

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