How To Make Cheesy Sauce For Fries, Chicken Wings, And Nachos

This super creamy sauce will make anything more appetizing!

Whether you have chips, fried chicken, or fries, a cheese sauce can make it extra special and delicious. You don’t have to do anything fancier than melt cheese and drizzle it on!

However, there is a trick to make it super creamy and not clump up too much that it’s too thick on your tongue to be pleasant. You need to melt the cheese with a little milk or even make a real sauce to make it perfectly silky!  

Here are the ingredients you need to make this super easy cheese sauce: 

  • • 1 tablespoon butter
  • • 1 teaspoon all-purpose flour
  • • 1 (154-ml) can evaporated milk
  • • 1 cup cheddar cheese or any quick-melting cheese, grated 

Once you have these ingredients, here’s how to turn them into the cheese sauce: 

  • 1 Melt butter in a small saucepan. Add flour; mix well. Add evaporated milk; whisk until well incorporated.
  • 2 Add grated cheese. Mix well until cheese is melted and mixture thickens, about 2 minutes. Season with ground pepper if desired. Use immediately.

This cheese sauce is ready to serve with chicken wings, fries, and nacho corn chips as a dipping sauce. You can also drizzle this straight onto a plate of fries and nachos so you can create a fabulous and appetizing loaded plate. 

Not sure what to do with your cheese sauce? Here are recipe ideas: 

Photo by Majoy Siason

Bacsilog Recipe Hack 

This breakfast is already super addictive with its bacon strips, crispy fried egg, and garlic fried rice! Add a cheesy sauce and it just got even more appetizing. 

Baked Cheesy Fish Recipe 

Fish isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you want to add a cheese sauce to it. When you have crispy fish fillets, it’s going to be made better with a little cheese. Trust us! 

Photo by Patrick Martires

Roasted Cauliflower Recipe 

Cauliflower is not the most appetizing vegetable but it can be if you smother a plate full of it with a silky cheese sauce. Do the same with broccoli and other veggies you don’t like to eat on its own. 


This cheese sauce is not just for these suggestions! Feel free to use it on anything that you think you’d like more creamy, cheesy, and ultra-delicious! 


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