WATCH: This Is How You Make A Classic Chicken Adobo

This basic chicken adobo recipe is as basic as it comes! With the simplicity of your usual adobo, this recipe strives to add a complexity of flavor with a few tweaks that make this basic adobo taste anything but basic. 

How do you make chicken adobo taste even better? 

The flavors are what you expect from the basic ingredients for adobo: soy sauce, vinegar, black peppercorns, and chicken. What we did to add something extra to the dish is two things: we bloomed the crushed black peppercorns in the hot oil and then we seared the chicken meat first before adding any of the other ingredients in. 

This basic adobong manok recipe is made more flavorful by a quick sear.
Photo by Zoe del Rosario

What this results in is the intensifying of the flavors of both the fresh peppercorns and the chicken itself. You get to taste the delicious fresh heat of the peppercorns and you can also taste the fried chicken flavor that everyone loves. Then both of these flavors meld with the flavorful adobo sauce by simmering and then absorbing those liquid ingredients. 

Searing meats and blooming the spices are basic cooking techniques that can make any dish, whether it's a simple adobo recipe or a complicated and long cooking beef stew, taste that much more delicious. 

Care to try it yourself? Just follow the video recipe above or read through the recipe here: 

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May 30, 2016

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