WATCH: How To Make Creamy Chicken Mushroom With Kangkong

Evaporated milk makes the creamy mushroom sauce super tasty!

Fried chicken is a dish that will always be a winning recipe. It's such a popular dish that there are numerous ways of cooking it. You can toss the chicken pieces in seasoned flour, coat in either a thick batter or a thin batter, or leave the skin naked so you can have extra crisp when it's fried. You can even use the air fryer that you finally got for Christmas and "air fry" the chicken

You can do any of these things with the chicken but to make a fried chicken recipe truly a glorious dish to eat, you need to serve it with a gravy, a sauce, or some kind of delicious dip that can take it over the top. The favorite among all of these has to be a creamy mushroom sauce

Photo by Roselle Miranda

We served the perfectly fried chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce alright. Plus, we added three things to the sauce to make a simple pan-fried chicken better and super tasty: we made a super creamy garlic mushroom sauce. We upgraded the flavor of the sauce with garlic, made it extra creamy using evaporated milkand added some leafy greens, the kangkong, to the sauce, too, just to make it look extra appetizing.

This is one fried chicken recipe that will have you craving more than just one serving!

So, if you are as big a fan of fried chicken like the rest of the country is, you are going to want to make this recipe. 

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