Different Ways You Can Make Creamy Chicken Recipes

Other ingredients can make creamy chicken recipes even more irresistible.

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All-purpose cream is what makes creamy chicken recipes so irresistible. The silky and luscious feel is a great texture that complements the chunky chicken. Cream sauces coat the chicken well and add milky layers to the chicken's savory flavors.

If creamy chicken recipes are your favorite kind of stew, here are ways to make it deliciously different every time: 

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1 Add cream of mushroom.

This combination of a creamy chicken and mushrooms may be the most common way to make any chicken recipe more irresistible. You can make this easy and simple by using a pack of all-purpose cream and a can of mushrooms to add to a chicken to create a classic creamy chicken dish.

Did you know it can be made even simpler than that? You can swap out the can of mushrooms for a can or even a packet of condensed cream of mushroom soup. This instantly flavorful ingredient is easy to use. It can make an already busy day less busy with this easy flavoring hack.   

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Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Add bell peppers. 

Believe it or not but mushrooms aren't the only vegetable that pairs well with creamy chicken. If you want to give your creamy chicken dish a boost of flavor that's unique to the bell pepper, you should. It's one of those undeniable flavors that lets you know that you're eating a more sophisticated dish. Plus, you don't need too much. 

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Photo by Bianca Laxamana

3 Add lots of garlic. 

When it comes to Filipino cooking, most savory recipes will start off with fairly similar ingredients and procedures. There is almost always garlic that is sautéed until deliciously fragrant and starting to turn a pretty golden brown color. Add chicken and cream to this toasted garlic, and you may find that you have a surprisingly simple yet super flavorful dish with just these three ingredients. It doesn't need to be more complicated than that for a satisfying creamy chicken dish to come together.   

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4 Add lots of cheese. 

What else goes with creamy and chicken than cheese? You can instantly amp up the flavor of an already creamy sauce with cheese. Choose from quick-melting cheese, grated processed cheese that can melt easily, or cheese spread that you can incorporate into the sauce easily. You can even add a harder cheese that you can sprinkle on top. Whatever cheese you choose, find one that you like to eat so you have an excuse to add it to dishes.  


5 Use coconut milk or gata. 

When creamy is the kind of dish you want to make, cream is the usual ingredient you want. However, there are other creamy ingredients, too, that can make your meal just as delicious or even more so. Coconut cream or gata is a great example of a substitute for cream. It's a non-dairy option that is creamy but is also sweet and flavorful on its own. You can simply add it in or jack up the creaminess of dishes that normally aren't creamy in the first place. 

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6 Add spices and herbs.

These two kinds of ingredients are instant flavor changers. Depending on what kind of spice or herb or any combination of those you use, you can make significant changes to a dish, flavor-wise. You can make Indian-inspired chicken curries and creamy pesto pasta sauces with chunks of chicken and bacon stirred into the mix. Make a choice of the flavor you want and you are seconds away from eating a meal that is powerfully delicious. 

There are more ways than just these to make your chicken dish creamy. What are your favorite ways of cooking chicken? 



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